ENTERTAINMENT: Claudine Barretto admits having panic disorder

We’ve written a multitude of stories about self-awareness and health care here on loveit.ph. In fact, one of our writers shared her story as someone living with a panic disorder.

Mental disability is something our society couldn’t accept as yet. Many are still dumbfounded about “anxiety attacks” and “panic disorders.” As a result, people with mental issues get ridiculed most of the time. Luckily, the people who have mental issues are now more courageous by spreading awareness about it. Case in point: actress Claudine Barretto.

In an article shared by GMA News Online, Claudine has settled the issue of her having mental disorders through an Instagram post. It was a picture of her standing beside her psychiatrist Dr. Babes Manalo, whom she described as her “Doctor/Mentor/sister.”

Jessica Soho featured Claudine on Sunday where she admitted to having been diagnosed with a panic disorder in 2002.

As what her doctor explained and based on our writer’s experience, a panic disorder usually comes with triggering factors. It could also happen anytime. In Claudine’s case, she developed a panic disorder due to her stress at work, the death of her (ex)-boyfriend Rico Yan, and the shame of it all. Of course, in the eyes of many people, celebrities should be flawless, which Dr. Manalo informs the fans that celebrities are human beings too. “They are capable of going down the ladder,” she told during the interview with GMA.

Claudine also called the attention of people with the same disorder to open up and support each other. You are definitely not alone. We are here to cheer you up and support you.

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