ENTERTAINMENT: 10 Photos That Prove That Miss Universe National Costume Competition is Lit!

Last night, the Miss Universe 2016 preliminary event was held at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Looks like one of the highlights of the event was the national costume competition. Although this part of the pageant is not scored, some of the 86 candidates are serious in wearing something that represents or is memorable of their home country.

Here are 10 photos that show how serious the candidates take the national costume competition.

10. When Miss Canada asked if you wanna build a snowman

9. But Miss Venezuela is the one not bothered by the cold anyway

8. When Miss Thailand exuded class and luxury with her costume

7. When Miss Myanmar brought a representation of Bagan and Yangon (and her own stage)

6. When Miss Israel brought her pet

5. When Miss Indonesia made us feel we can fly like Mulawin in the night

4. When this Miss Universe’s costume was literally lit

3. When the garden was brought to the ball

2. When Miss Malaysia transformed into her country’s Instagrammable tourist destination

1. When our very own, Miss Philippines, wore a gown inspired by an iconic mode of transportation – a Vinta

Why not a jeepney though? 🙂

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