Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano confirm they’ve been a couple for ‘more than two years’

While being interviewed by Vice Ganda on Gandang Gabi Vice this February 10, the two stars finally admitted to being an official couple. They weren’t willing to say exactly how long they’ve been together but vaguely alluded to it being more than two years. While hints and indefinite confessions have been given about their relationship status before, this is the first time the two have absolutely confirmed it.


The Alone/Together stars were playing a game hosted by Vice Ganda when they were forced to admit the truth. Enrique Gil was put on the spot when Vice Ganda asked “Kayo na ba?”. With his hand on a machine that compelled him to tell the truth he answered “Yes.”

When Liza Soberano’s turn came, Vice asked: “Matagal na kayo?”. Liza responded by asking “Define ‘matagal’?”, to which Vice defines: “More than 2 years.” Liza shyly answers: “Oo”. When they sit down for follow up questions, the last thing Vice inquires is what month they first got together. They answer that it was in October.

Fans have already begun speculating that this post from October below was taken on an anniversary date, marking October 24th as their anniversary.


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