Enginium: Transforming the City of Zepherum

Enginium: Transforming the City of ZepherumMarketing-Poster-CSIW-2014-v2

Ready your hard hats for another adventure to build the lost city as the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs unfolds its 21st National Children’s Science Interactive Workshop (CSIW 2014) with the theme, “Enginium: Transforming the City of Zepherum”.

Take your first step to the future as this year’s CSIW will be held on December 16-19, 2014 at Villla Alfredo’s Resort, San Fernando, Pampanga. Four days of non-stop excitement and infinite learnings of different concepts and practical applications involving basic Engineering from distinguished speakers of various fields awaits all those who join this event.

Learning with a twist of fun-filled activities sets aside CSIW 2014 among the rest. Pasalubong Festival, Socials Night, Pledge Night and Field trip to the astounding attractions of Pampanga are just a few of the many wonders that this year’s CSIW will bring you. Win the medals for Poster Making Contest, Essay Writing Contest and School Quiz Competition and bring pride to your own school.

What are we waiting for? Pack your bags and let’s apply to be part of ENGINIUM and help reconstructing the City of Zepherum.

For more information, feel free to contact the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs at (02) 332-8151 or (02) 393-4384 or send a message through mail@psysc.org. You may also visit them at www.psysc.org or like their page at www.facebook.com/psysc.csiw.




Enginium: Transforming the City of Zepherum

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