End Street Releases First Studio Album “Mga Kwentong Walang Kwenta”

Pop punk outfit, End Street released their first 10-song studio album “Mga Kwentong Walang Kwenta” with track 10 “Hanggang Sa Muli” as its carrier single.End Street new album

From topics such as matters of love and falling out of it to losing loved ones and finding peace amidst overwhelming grief – the album is a clear story about what the band went through for the last three years.

With Hanggang Sa Muli, band frontman Symoun shared a heartfelt letter addressing his grandfather, who recently passed away. The letter goes –

From a grieving grandson –

I’m sorry that I’m a few weeks too late; funny how I tried singing about wanting to have more time but then I lost it all too soon and all too fast.

I thought by writing Gunita, there’s already some semblance of better days ahead. I thought by singing about pain, I would understand the meaning of loss. I thought I already knew what grief was, until I lost my grandfather.

During his latter days, my gramps got really sick; sick to the point that I understood that it was only a matter of time before he closed his eyes and never opened them again. At the time, it felt like the right decision was to spend as much time as could; the few moments that the universe allowed. Around this time, I started working on Hanggang Sa Muli (a song I previously named Boarding Pass) thinking that if I sang loud enough, life would grant me a few more moments to spend with him.

End Street new album

I thought I would be allowed the luxury, but I was wrong. Gramps never got to listen to this song, and I never got to tell him every thank you and every I love you that was aptly owed.

With the release of this album and with the release of this song, I hope that all the words we forget to say, get said. I ran out of time, but I’m hoping you guys don’t. I hope there’s enough comfort in this song thatif we sing loud enough, my grandpa would hear it.

To my grandfather,

You are the greatest gift I was lucky enough to get in this life, and I hope in the next one you’d still be my grandpa. See you someday, okay?

End Street is set to tour parts of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao in the coming months, with a kick-off show at Social House, Circuit Makati on May 25, sharing the stage together with 123 Pikit, Arcadia, Forgetting69, and many more!