Employee Who Has Worked in a Company For 30 Years Shares Her Inspiring Story

Employee Who Has Worked in a Company For 30 Years Shares Her Inspiring Story

There’s always that one person who has been in a company for a very long time, and who seems to be happy where they are despite opportunities to work elsewhere. Some of us may see these people as happy with their lot in life, while others see them as inspiration for sticking to their commitment through thick and thin.

We Are Braver, a Facebook community that celebrates the brave stories of real women from different walks of life, shared the inspiring story of Ate Eden, who has worked at Meralco as an elevator girl for 29 years since the late ’80s. Since posting, Ate Eden’s story has more than 4,000 likes.

According to the post:

The youngest among five children, Ate Eden grew up in Leyte in the company of her siblings since their parents died early. After admitting to them that she was a lesbian, her siblings stopped supporting her education – she never got the chance to enter college. She then decided to travel all the way to Manila based on the little money she earned by diving near the ports and hunting for coins thrown by passengers.

When she reached Manila in 1986, she decided to apply at Meralco. Along the way, Ate Eden gained a daughter after her then teenage neighbor left his new-born baby in her custody. She took care of the baby as if she were her own and provided for her future.

Later on, her daughter graduated Summa Cum Laude in UP finishing a course in BS Computer Science.

Her daughter is now working in Singapore, but Ate Eden has not quit her job as an elevator lady. She says that she’s still happy with her working conditions. “Okay na sakin yung ganun. Dito ako masaya. Nagkaroon ako ng maraming kaibigan (I’m okay with this current work set up I have now. I’m happy here, and I gained a lot of friends).” When asked if she still hopes for anything in life, she says that she’s still waiting for her family to accept her.

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