Embrace Delicious Design and Stylish Security with the Cachette By Poppins Laptop Bag

When in Manila, traveling light is…not an option.  With our busy lives, we usually have to carry a crazy amount of stuff–laptops, books, important papers, and, if you’re a girl, the assorted contents of our handbags (a.k.a. our emergency supply kits).  In fact, being a girl makes it especially hard to keep baggage to a minimum–if you’re a student or a working girl, you face an ever-present challenge of having to figure out how to keep that laptop on hand without ruining a perfectly-composed ensemble.

The usual option is to tote the notebook on its own, usually in a sleek sleeve with the auxiliary accessories crammed into your handbag.  But with the threat of theft or accident–not to mention how heavy some of those laptops are–this isn’t always a practical option.  Standard laptop bags, however, are secure but rather blah looking, and though there are a few stylish options, few of them are big enough to fit the lifestyle of a Manileña-on-the-go.

What’s a girl to do?!

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Enter Cachette by Poppins, a sleek leatherette bag that, at fifteen inches, is big enough to fit your laptop…and your life.


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