Edox Watches: Conquer the Cold with Ease

From the North Pole, Christian “The Iceman” Redl visits the Philippines just in time for Manila’s crazy 38-degree weather. He came to Manila after spending decades setting world records for free diving…. under ice. Talk about extreme! However, Christian shares that it wasn’t just about setting a world record, but to call attention to how global warming affects animals and humans.

Edox watches

During Christian’s expeditions, he used special equipment needed to survive the extremes. Fortunately, Edox watches made the Iceman collection which is water-resistant, made to withstand deep seas, and perfect for free diving. 

At the launch event, we were fortunate enough to try the Edox watches at a pool session with the Iceman himself. He taught some members of the media the necessary skills for free diving which are also very helpful when distressing or trying to calm down. He even gave tips and techniques that he personally uses during his adventures. 

Edox watches

Even though Christian only stayed in Manila for a short time, he socialized with everyone at the event, including two female free divers from a group called Sisid. 

Edox watches

Edox watches are exclusively distributed by the Lucerne group, and are available in all Lucerne watch shops. 

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