EDM (Electronic Dance Music): A Thriving Culture in Manila

EDM (Electronic Dance Music): A Thriving Culture in Manila

When in Manila, everyone loves to party. Aside from the hot chicks and the booze, though, one of the main reasons why Pinoys go to clubs is to enjoy a blissful night filled with EDM (Electronic Dance Music).


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Currently a hot trend, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is now bracing Manila with its catchy tunes and thrilling beats. With the vast EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Festivals that braced this 2014 (such as Neverland ManilaTokyo EDM Festival ADHOC Limitless etc.); every young and hip Pinoy is now living up to the motto, “Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat”.




The success of EDM and its ability to make people YOLO all night has left me wondering “What is EDM anyway?” Is there more to EDM than singing along to ‘Why are you my clarity? Hey-ay-hey-ay-hey-ay’?


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By definition, EDM is any kind of musical composition crafted with the use of synthetic and digital instruments from a computer. Basically, these elements include futuristic sounds and adventurous arrangements that are well thought out and created by Music Producers.

Back in the day, Pinoys would dance to tracks like Bonnie Bailey’s Ever After, Kaskade’s It’s You, It’s Me  and Daft Punk’s Around the World. However, Electronic Dance Music came to mainstream prominence, thanks to French producer and DJ David Guetta.

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David unleashed tracks like When Love Takes Over, Just One Last Time, and Titanium (featuring Sia), which is one of his most recognized hits.  From then on, more EDM producers came to the forefront, such as Avicii with Levels and Wake Up, and Zedd with his very own Clarity, Stay the Night  (featuring Paramore’s Hayley Williams) and Find You.




Eventually, the local scene got a good start with its own brand, thus the birth of EDM Philippines. Kidwolf and BV’s Free managed to enter the Myx Daily Countdown. Also, Curse & Bless, Mistah NerF and TheoMartel created Jump In, the theme song for Smart.


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EDM Philippines continues to thrive in the local music industry with its massive community of Djs, music producers, aficionados and fans. EDM festivals are also booming not just in Manila, but also around the Philippines.




The Love Dance Festival in Bacolod, Carte Blanche in Davao and Lifedance in Cebu are just one of the promising EDM-centered events. Tribal festivals such as the Masskara, Sinulog, Kadawayan and Dinagyang aren’t shying away from the EDM culture, either.


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It’s incredible to know that our local EDM producers are becoming distinct because of their astonishing talent. Aside from being DJs (Disc Jockeys), they also make it a point to create their own songs that can engage such a solid audience!


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To create their own music from scratch,  they use a Digital Audio Workstation. They also record live instruments to further perfect their songs.

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I’m amazed to know how hard-working our local music producers are because they are passionate about what they do. Their fresh perspectives on the music industry is what makes the EDM community in the Philippines promising.

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EDM is not just about fist pumping in the air, after all; it’s about creating music that people would rave to.



The future of the night club scene in the Philippines is bright, because it relies on EDM music. Perhaps we can host our own Tomorrowland soon?

Have you met Manila’s newest DJ, by the way?

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EDM (Electronic Dance Music): A Thriving Culture in Manila