Eddie Garcia’s Family Asks For Prayers As The Actor Remains Comatose

Veteran actor Eddie Garcia unfortunately fell into a coma due to an on-set accident a few days past. The latest updates on his medical condition place him as comatose and in continued critical condition. Dr. Artemio Salvador, Patient Relations Department Division Head of the Makati Medical Center, relayed in a statement: “Mr. Garcia continues to be in critical condition. He is in a comatose state with minimal spontaneous respiration.”

Eddie Garcia

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His family is, understandably, “really devasted” at the sequence of events. Dr. Tony Rebosa, one of Garcia’s attending physicians and the designated family spokesperson, stated:

They really are devastated specially for Lilibeth and the immediate members of the family seeing Tito Eddie in that condition. Dati talagang maliksi siya [He truly used to be active before] but now he’s at the ICU so it’s really painful and agonizing for the family.

Talagang his fate is in God’s hands. [His fate really is in God’s hands.] Well, of course, miracles do happen kaya lang as stated in the bulletin, he’s in critical condition and he’s in coma. Hasn’t regained consciousness since… the gravity kasi of the injuries eh cervical fracture sa neck niya.

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The Garcia family requests everyone’s prayers in this time of upset and are deeply grateful for all the love and support showed to them by the public so far.

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