ECRIT MNL Cases: Protect Your Phone and Save Yourself from Another Heartbreak

Our mobile phones play a vital role in our daily hustle and because most of our activities involve the use of this modern technology, we must always make sure they are always protected – preferably in a stylish way.


Ecrit MNL offers mobile cases with minimalist designs mostly inspired by marble and terrene with a play of color. From the French term for ‘written’, Ecrit MNL aims to provide products that are reasonable in price yet outstanding in quality.


Their “Armor” Case, which is a bestseller, makes use of Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU – a combination of plastic and rubber. All sides of the phone are covered, including the power and volume buttons. The rubber finish provides good grip and protection from dents. The phone is also protected from scratches while installing and removing the case as the black plate is made of polyurethane plastic in gloss finish.

It’s perfect for the go-getters and adventurous souls! I tell you: your phone is ultimately protected. Why do I say so? Let me tell you a short story. There was a moment in my life I became so careless, I accidentally dropped my phone. I was using this Armor case, but being the anxious person I always was, I hurriedly checked if my phone was hurt (broken or whatever); but boy, not even a scratch was visible on the case! Of course, I would advise to be a little careful, but better be sure than sorry! And oh, my phone is perfectly working as if nothing happened. Naka-move on siya agad. As my inner hugot queen puts it, this case has that ‘Bangon, tuloy ang laban!’ character in it. (Let’s just say I’m using my phone while typing this. Power!)



Aside from their Armor cases, Ecrit MNL also offers “Snap-On” Cases, which are hard-shell cases in a matte or gloss finish. Not all sides are covered, though, but it is still a bestseller because the design goes all around the case.

A new variant dubbed as “Shell” cases will also be launched soon.

Plus, Ecrit also customizes phone cases. You just have to shoot them an email of a high-resolution photo of your desired design and they can make them for you.




(Prices range from P350-P750 depending on the case type)

So, the next time you scout for mobile cases, visit Ecrit’s social media accounts and score some QUALITY pieces. You will definitely get value for yourmoney.

If you weren’t able to save your heart from damage, at least protect your phone. Go na, teh! 😉

Ecrit MNL



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