East Meets West in When in Manila: Cerchio Restaurant and Lounge

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                    East Meets West in When in Manila: Cerchio Restaurant and Lounge 

When in Manila,  now and again, flood and traffic can be found everywhere.. and that can totally ruin your day and can definitely make you hungry(at least in my case; that’s what usually happens.  Nevertheless! What’s a better way to lighten up your mood that to e in a place that is relaxing and has great food?  Well, if you’re in Manila and find yourself in such situation or simply wanting a new dine in experience, try Cerchio.

Cerchio is an Italian word for circles and that’s where they got their concept.  One of the waiter aims to be a place that is perfect for your circle of friends, colleagues and of course, your family. If you look at the place it’s black and white interior gives an air of elegance, and sophistication and yet it can make you feel a bit homey.  Well it’s been quite sometime now since I had my taste of their awesome food , yet I can still remember the taste as if it were still yesterday. Here are some of my favorite dishes.

1. Singaporean Crispy Squid Head- sprinkled with sesame seen and spring onions, with slight taste of spiciness  and sweetness all at the same time.

What I like about it is that its crispiness is not something that will make your gums and jaw ache as you chew it. It’s tender and the taste was just superb.

 2. Grilled Shrimp with Pomelo- its a plate full of fresh lettuce with bits of pomelo, mangoes, and grilled shrimp with honey barbecue dressing. What I like about it is that the shrimp was grilled perfectly, the vegetables are fresh, and all of its ingredients were just perfect for each other, just like you and I (kidding).

                                                                                                       IMG 3317

3. Grilled Kare Kare- Freshly tossed crushed peanuts made into thick kare kare sauce with grilled vegetables. The thought of it makes my mouth water again.

4. Peri- peri Grilled chicken-  grilled chicken marinated in apple cider, cumin and other herbs perhaps, that’s how I describe it.  Well what I like about this chicken was that it was well roasted and yet it they were able to maintains its juiciness.

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                 The above picture is their own version of  tokwa’t baboy, you should also try their very own sisig with quail egg, and their pinaputok.  For desserts you should try their Choknut and Panna cotta.  Yes they have dessert called choknut, and we all know that choknut has been part of every Filipino’s childhood. 




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What I liked about Cerchio is that you can have variety of dishes. Cerchio is a place where East meets West, a combination of something old and something new.  What’s more is that they serve healthy food that doesn’t taste healthy(pertaining to hospital food).  Waiters are friendly and very accommodating, and the place is simply relaxing.  So When in Manila and you’re looking for a place for your circle of friends, colleagues, and family  don’t forget to check out Cerchio. 

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  Cerchio Restaurant and Lounge 

For reservation please call – 351-5279

Cerchio is located at # 76 sct limbaga tomas morato , Quezon City, Philippines


East Meets West in When in Manila: Cerchio Restaurant and Lounge