Duterte to give more funds to Filipino Athletes

You’ve probably come across a story about Filipino athletes not being paid well. There were stories as well that these athletes don’t have enough budget for their training purposes yet they are the ones giving our country pride and glory.

Finally, the “change” is really coming.

According to our first Mindanaon President Rodrigo Duterte, the money to be collected from tax evaders will be used to support the training of our Filipino Olympians, Philippine Star reports.

Duterte and filipino athletes

Photo by sports.inquirer.net

Duterte mentions that while “oligarchs” have been earning immensely, the Filipino athletes are not getting enough support from the government to fulfill their endeavors.

Funds for Filipino Olympians

It was stated in the article that Philippines loses about P300 million a day due to smuggling. Having said that, the alleged dirty money recovered from illegal activity would be given to the athletes and the poor people.

The article also mentioned that only six of the 12 Rio Olympics participants attended the courtesy call. Here are the names who will compete in RIO.

  • Hidilyn Diaz and Nestor Colonia – weightlifters
  • Kirstie Elaine Alora – taekwondo
  • Ian Lariba – table tennis
  • Marestella Torres – track and field

marestella torres

Marestella currently holds Southeast Asian Games record for long jump of 6.71 m. Way to go, girl! Read more about her here.

  • Miguel Tabuena – golf
  • Rogen Ladon and Charly Suarez – boxing
  • Jasmine Alkhaldi and Jessie King Lacuna – swimming
  • Eric Shawn Cray and Mary Joy Tabal – track and field

Ultimately, Duterte also doubled and tripled their allowances to boost their morale from $1000 to $3000. The sports officials who will accompany them received an increase as well from $4000 to $5000.

I am glad that President Duterte is finally changing the old system. In time, the Philippines would be the safest and one of the exponential countries in Asia.

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