Dust Devil in UST Caught on Cam

A dust devil is described as a strong and well-formed whirlwind; though formed differently, it is often times associated to a tornado because of its similar appearance. Dust devils are said to form when one part of the ground heats up faster than the ground surrounding it on a hot day.  They are generally harmless but can also cause harm if intensity rises.

Lately more and more Pinoys from different parts the country have shared their personal encounters with dust devils. It’s becoming more common in the Philippines especially during this dry season. Just last Saturday, Princess Doria, a Civil Law student from UST documents her own encounter with the dust devil as it grew in front of her very eyes.



“My classmate and I were about to go home when we saw the dust devil. Actually, it was my first time to see such and I was really shocked. I took a video it but then I suddenly turned it off when I felt it will worsen. Good thing it stopped after it hit the trash bins,” Princess shares with WhenInManila.com


 What do you guys think of this? How do you think you would’ve reacted if you saw it? Share your thoughts below.