[DRAFT] Christmas Listicle: Fazup

Fazup PH and their anti-radiation phone patches

Being the family-oriented people that we are, the protection of our family and friends is of utmost importance to us Filipinos—especially against dangers that we cannot detect.

The electromagnetic radiation of phones and its harmful effects to our bodies is one of those. The World Health Organisation even classified mobile phone radiation as something that can potentially cause cancer.

Luckily, there are products like Fazup—a tech-product made in France—that helps provide protection against electromagnetic radiation. Fazup is the result of an extensive 10-year research that is globally patented, tested, and validated by EMITECH, an internationally recognized testing lab. And now, Fazup is also available in the Philippines.

Fazup is a thin patch for phones that has a passive antenna that is able to manipulate the emission of electromagnetic radiation coming from your mobile.

What happens is this: the Fazup patch interacts with the integrated antenna of the phone and changes the spectrum of its radiation so that the emission towards your head when you’re on a call (or towards your body when you carry it) is reduced. Unlike other products, the Fazup patch does not redirect the radiation to the back of your phone nor does it increase radiation to other surfaces. Instead, it reduces radiation contact altogether.

Fazup is a mobile phone accessory that is super easy to use, but do note that it must be placed in a specific location on your phone to be effective.

Where to get Fazup:
Website: www.fazupPH.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fazupPH
Instagram: @fazupph

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