Donuts Made Easy with the PERFECT Mini Donut Maker

Donuts Made Easy with the PERFECT Mini Donut Maker

When in Manila got to try and experience the PERFECT Donut Maker out in the market today! 

It was one fun, easy and yummy experience!

Some of its features:

  • makes incredible homemade donuts with less energy and less baking time
  • non-stick baking tray, which makes it easy to remove the donuts
  • easy clean-up
  • voltage is 220v, so you can use it right away

mini donut maker donuts

The Perfect Mini Donut Maker

mini donut maker donutsAll set!

My 4 year old son loves those mini donuts you see around some malls. We always buy a dozen or two whenever we are out. We enjoy sharing a bag of these cute little sweets together. So, when I stumbled upon this online, I was thrilled and excited to make mini donuts with my little one.

mini donut maker donuts

The little one helping me as I prepare our mini donuts

mini donut maker donuts

Whip it! 

I love how easy the recipe is (which is by the way included in the box!) to prepare. I’m not really the “kitchen-type” of mom, so I am really happy that this device/appliance is very easy to use.

After preparing all of the ingredients and mixing them up together, it was time to place it in the donut maker.

mini donut maker donuts

Grease the small pans with butter before placing the batter

As I mentioned, I used the recipe included in the box, but you can use any ready-to-mix/cook batters available in the market.

The Perfect Mini Donut Maker is really easy to use as I’ve said. You just need to grease each pan, pour in the batter and plug the unit. That’s it! 

After 4 minutes or until your batter becomes brownish…

mini donut maker donutsTada!!

mini donut maker donuts

The little boy enjoying his mini donuts!

The donuts were easy to remove and were cooked just right! We sprinkled some powdered sugar and cinnamon on them to make it even more delicious! Everyone got addicted in an instant and we cooked several batches!

mini donut maker donuts

The PERFECT Mini Donut Maker and the PERFECT Mini Donuts!

Making mini donuts is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with The Perfect Mini Donut Maker! And did I tell you that cleaning is also hassle-free?

If you want to have an afternoon of fun (and yummyness) with your kids, you’d better grab one of these units before they run out!



Grab one now for only P1,500 with FREE shipping at:

Facebook: Shopaholic for Kids



Donuts Made Easy with the PERFECT Mini Donut Maker


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