H&M’s First Ever Filipino-Designed Collection is Coming Soon

Half of my closet is filled with H&M clothes and shoes. Although I’ve been a long-time fan of the brand, though, I still got excited when I heard that they would be collaborating with Filipino home-grown brand Don’t Blame the Kids (DBTK) for a capsule collection of locally designed urban clothing! This is the first time ever that H&M is teaming up with a Filipino designer – and it’s for street looks, no less! I love that this collaboration is all about streetwear because let’s face it: streetwear is meant for everyone.

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What is DBTK Apparel?

DBTK is the perfect choice for the collaboration because brothers Emil and Vince Javier, founders of DBTK, are also anchored in the same philosophy. Their designs resonate with any street style while striking a sweet balance of celebrating individuality and bringing unique people together for their common interest in clothing.

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Back in 2014, Don’t Blame the Kids was founded to reach out to the kids of the future while incorporating their interest in street fashion. Even though the brand was mainly launched for men, they have since gained a loyal fanbase of both male and female audiences. This just goes to show that streetwear truly has no limits.

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Photo from H&M’s Facebook page

The World is My Home by DBTK and H&M debuts six fun and surrealistically designed urban pieces inspired by the abode. By wearing the collection, they hope you feel like you’re taking a piece of home with you wherever you go. Because when you feel at home in your own skin, you’re ready to take on anything.

The DBTK x H&M collection will be launching in September 2022.

The DBTK x H&M Collaboration

H&M: http://www.facebook.com/HMPhilippines

DBTK: http://www.facebook.com/DBTKCo

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