Dog Irresponsibly Tied to Back of Pick Up Truck Enrages Animal Welfare Advocates

When you have a pet, taking good care of it means keeping it out of harms way. Unfortunately, not all pet owners may have the same idea.

This photo of a dog tied at the back of a pick up truck has been making rounds on social media and enraging several animal lovers and animal welfare advocates. The dog does not seem secure and people fear it might fall off in case of a sudden turn.

Dog Irresponsibly Tied at the back of Pick Up Truck

“How can some people be so heartlessly moronic?

A CARA volunteer spotted this within the hour on SLEX ,southbound. Just one screeching halt or a sudden lane-change could make this poorly-secured dog fly into the air into certain death. The proper way of transporting a dog is either inside the cab with the driver or in a dog carrier that is well-secured in the back, NOT leashed like this on top of the pick-up’s bed. And why was this allowed to go through at the toll gate? The driver should be jailed under RA 8485, the Animal Welfare Act”

What do you guys think of this?