Dog Butchers Caught on Cam – WARNING! Graphic Photo

When in Manila, you will very likely encounter outrage over dog slaughter for meat. A photo of a group of men carving up dogs posted by on August 23 on its Facebook Page has gone viral and has been shared on most animal rights and welfare groups in the Philippines. Please note that butchering dogs and cats for human consumption is illegal in the country and carries a penalty of imprisonment for 6 months up to two years (Republic Act No. 8485, known as the Animal Welfare Act of 1998). If you have any information about such activities in your area, please report to your baranggay or to Police Emergency hotline 117.

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Etong mga HALIMAW na tao na yan ay halos araw araw kumakatay ng aso !!
eto po ang address 231 Camia st.brgy. ligas malolos bulacan

Kawawa naman po ang MGA ASO
Paki Share po para makarating sa kinauukulan.

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Dog Butchers Caught on Cam – WARNING! Graphic Photo