Dodocool MFi-Certified 3-Port Car Charger: Your on-the-go traffic buddy

When In Manila, traffic is terrible these days. Traveling with driving apps means having USB charging available in your car. From weekend errands to cross-country road trips, the Dodocool MFi-Certified 3-Port Car Charger makes it possible for devices to keep up with that busy schedule. Personally, I have experienced dozens of occasions when my long battery life Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would die on me in the middle of traffic as it is not always that we can top-up a charge. Moreover, my Note 4 uses an adaptive fast charger, a standard charger wouldn’t charge it as fast as the usual. Gladly, I found this nifty product from Dodocool which can only be found at Kimstore to help me during traffic days, long drives, and even on road trips! What’s special about the Dodocool 3-port car charger against other car chargers? Let’s talk about it below


The Dodocool MFi-Certified 3-Port Car Charger allows three devices to charge at the same time. It’s refreshing to have all three ports capable of charging a tablet as almost all of them output 2.1A and the last one putputs 2.4A! Fast cahrging on-the-go! As I mentioned earlier, my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has an adaptive fast charger that lets it get up to a full charge in an hour, other products wouldn’t be as efficient as the standard charger as the common is 1A charging. Yes, some do have 2.1A charging ports, but the great thing about the Dodocool charger is that it has 2 ports with 2.1A charing, and the last port with an even faster 2.4A! Great for fast charging your mobile phones during quick drives, long trips, and perfect for charging your tablets and other gadgets!


Also, existing market offers do not have tri-port charging benefits, nor do they have elegant metallic color finishes. Even if your car is recent enough to have a USB integration system for playing music or handling phone calls, it can still be worth spending Php 698 for dodocool 3-port USB Charger in order to get faster charging speeds. It is an all around performer because it is compatible with a wide range of electronic devices. Apple devices require special accessories for smooth performance. The Dodocool 3-Port Car Charger is MFi-Certified – meaning that it is made to work with iPhone, iPad and iPod devices seamlessly. Works harmoniously with other USB-compatible devices too! It comes in two sleek finishes: Black/Gold and Black/Silver combination. Why go for plain black and white when you can have elegant-looking car charging solutions? It has intelligent frequency conversion that will match the best current automatically for your device, regardless if it’s a tablet, phone or power bank, among others. It’s worth spending to have an always-ready high-speed charger, especially since you can get three outlets from one cigarette lighter. Use your existing USB charging cables to charge most USB powered devices. Other car chargers with permanently-attached cables are prone to failing. When your charging cable fails, it’s nice to be able to replace just the cable without having to buy a whole new car charger. Sophisticated circuit design with overheat, overcurrent, overcharging protection; Charging will automatically stop when battery is full. Easy-to-see LED confirms whether devices finish charging. I found myself using this charger quite often these past days, making it a breeze to not worry about charging my mobile phone before leaving the house!


Overall, for the super cheap price of Php 698.00, a fantastic price compared to other brands out in the malls being priced much higher with less performance and ports! This is such a great product that does not break the bank at all!  It is durable,lightweight, compact and portable, making it easier to transfer to your other car just in case the other one is coding.Delivering robust power in a sleek, compact size, the Dodocool MFi-Certified 3-Port Car Charger makes a safe and inconspicuous addition to any dash. Exclusively available at Kimstore. Link and contact number below!

 Get a chance to win this Dodocool 3-Port Car Charger! Just comment below how you will use this cool charger! Winner will be contacted on Friday Mar. 20!


Kimstore contact: text/call at 0917-503-8887 or 0922-885-9799 or 0908-886-9799


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