Do You Need to Consult With a Mental Health Professional?

Our mental health is an integral part of our well-being. However, the COVID-19 pandemic, elections, price hikes, and returning to offices have taken a toll on our mental state. With all of these in mind, it can become really difficult to focus on our work–something that we cannot afford in this economy. When there are bills waiting to be paid, we must do our best to keep ourselves intact. Technically, our minds are our main source of income, and that’s why we should protect our mental health at all costs.

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When to seek help

In order to keep our mental state in check, here are the top 5 reasons to consult a mental health professional, according to the URMC.


  • When you have thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that are affecting your relationships, work, or sense of well-being.
  • When you are struggling to deal with life’s painful challenges (e.g., major illness, loss of a loved one, divorce, or job problems) which may be your own or of those you care about.
  • When the use of alcohol or drugs interferes with your health, emotions, relationships, job, or daily responsibilities.
  • When you are confused and in need of a caring yet unbiased person to help sort among difficult choices.
  • When you feel that life is no longer worth living.


If you experience any of the above-mentioned, ask for help.

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Where to seek help

Fidecita HR Advisory is a mental health service that cares about family, history, the past and the present, and most importantly–our state of mind. According to them, our minds are at risk today more than ever with so much to do and so much to look at, yet so little time and energy to keep up. To start spending our energy on things that matter, it is time to prioritize our mental health, and Fidecita can guide us through our journey.

How to seek help

You can easily reach out to them by sending a message on their Facebook Page (Fidecita HR Advisory). Whether you need a voice or video wellness check line and a confidential one-on-one session with a licensed Psychologist, you can schedule an appointment with them as soon as possible!

They also offer packages for businesses that include training and coaching sessions for managers, webinars for mental health policy reviews, check-in surveys, and progression tracking. For more information, visit their website (!

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The World Health Organization described a healthy workplace as “one where workers and managers actively contribute to the working environment by promoting and protecting the health, safety and well-being of all employees.” This includes keeping our mental state healthy as well!

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