Do you have what it takes to be a Ninja? Test your limits with Pretty Huge Obstacles’ new ninja program

Ninjas have long since been an integral part of culture. From classic Asian martial arts to Hollywood movies, ninjas have long been heralded as pillars of strength and fearlessness, as well as stealth and bravery. Far from their roots in historical Japan, the very concept of ninjas has since been renowned all around the globe for all the many symbols that they stand for.


At Pretty Huge Obstacles, it is these very concepts that are the facility’s driving force. Far from being a mere training center with state-of-the-art facilities, there is an inherent mission and principle in the groundwork of PHO’s very existence — so much so that the center even has a statue to commemorate these very ideals.

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And it isn’t just any ordinary statue either. Like the world-class facilities it boasts, the Pretty Huge Obstacles statue is one that similarly lives up to global standards, crafted by none other than the Chinese sculptor Master Ren Zhe, known and renowned by his signature craft of blending traditional Chinese elements and styles into undeniably modern stylistic pieces.


Ren Zhe’s newest sculpture, which now greets visitors and aspiring PHO ninjas at the entrance, expresses generous and liberal views of life that reflects both his artistic values, as well as the principles that Pretty Huge Obstacles stands for: that the value of life is in neither winning nor losing, but in the continuous and unrelenting struggle forward in pursuit of achieving further transcendence and embracing the universe — the only path leading people to reach the peak of life. It’s an ambitious goal, but Pretty Huge Obstacles is more than ready to rise to the challenge, particularly in their newly-launched Ninja Program. The program will be aimed for those who wish to explore a ninja-like way of living by way of conquering fears, as well as molding inner and outer strength for overall improved well-being. Participants in the program — or “PHO ninjas” — can join under the pro or beginner course. The former is specially catered for athletes to participate in large-scale events, while the latter is suited for first-timers eager to try out and explore the ninja way of life through fun exercises and activities.


Among PHO’s ninjas are also a host of notable athletes and public figures, including Mauro Lumba, Marline Capones, Steve Near, Carla Piscoso, Glorien Merisco and Noel Agra. 


Glorien, a member of the national Philippine Obstacle Course (OCR) team, also lauded PHO’s inherent philosophies, particularly in relation to her own personal challenges as an athlete: 


“I see obstacles as a challenge […] and the only way for you to overcome them is through them. We find ourselves stuck in that obstacle for a long or short time and it doesn’t matter because what matters most is that we try and try until we get through it.”

Ninja Series

If you are looking for a fun yet challenging way to reach your 2021 fitness goals, feel free to check out Pretty Huge Obstacles’ upcoming Ninja Program. You can also follow PHO on social media to stay updated on new programs, and join online giveaways to passes for exciting events this coming March!