DIY Smooth – Permanent Hair Removal from the Comforts of Your Home

This is an ongoing joke with my friends; but during the earlier stages of the pandemic when we all asked each other what we missed the most about pre-pandemic life, my answer was “getting waxed”.

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It seems mababaw, but having gotten so used to getting waxed on a regular basis, I really had no idea how to remove the unwanted hair on my body at home. Shaving was out of the question because I don’t like how hair regrows after shaving, and most waxing products weren’t exactly effortless to use. Well, Carell Narciso provided the solution to my problem with DIY Smooth.

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Carell Narciso is a CPA by profession, but she is no longer practicing. Instead, she is currently helping her parents with their family business while running DIY Smooth at the same time. She shares that being hairy has always been her trademark and insecurity, even taking a toll on her confidence.

“I used to shave and wax the areas with no permanent solution so the hair would always grow back,” she shares. In search of a permanent solution, she came across the DIY IPL device last March 2020. Although she was skeptical at first since similar permanent laser treatments can reach up to Php15,000 per body area at clinics; she used it religiously for three months on her underarms, arms, legs, stomach, and other hairy body parts. Here are the results:

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“I was so amazed by the results that I shared it on My Day on Facebook,” she raves. And that was where it all began. Her friends became her very first customers.

In June 2020, Carell decided to turn the solution into a business called DIY Smooth. “When I launched it back then, we were in the midst of a pandemic so a part of me was hesitant if it would sell,” she admits. However, it turns out there was no need for her to worry. It actually proved to be the perfect time to launch it because hair removal clinics were closed and she was offering the device at a very affordable price.

I’ll be the first to attest that this device is definitely a huge help for women who have a lot of hair or simply hate growing hair on certain parts of their bodies. Not only does it get the job done, but it is also easy to use. Plus, it is affordable to boot!

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So far, DIY Smooth has sold more than 2,900 DIY IPL kits with hundreds of positive feedback. They currently have more than 60,000 followers on Instagram, too!

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How Does DIY IPL Work?

In a nutshell, the DIY IPL (intense pulsed light) device works by emitting light into the skin that targets the hair roots to prevent regrowth. In case you need help using the device, DIY Smooth includes a very detailed guide in their set which details the frequency of use, do’s and don’ts, tips on how Carell used it, and how it worked for her.

The detailed guide aside, Carell also takes pride in being super hands-on with their customers. Anytime you might have a question, you can rest easy knowing that they are always there to help you out. Carell even goes the extra mile by sharing personal tips, like how to whiten underarms, which is beyond the product that they offer. They’re always just a DM away!

Their device also comes in a special kit that includes freebies like a pouch, aloe vera gel, an eye protector, and a razor.

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If you would rather get rid of hair while staying safe at home and lessening your risk of exposure to COVID-19, you can get this device and enjoy even better hair removal than you have been used to pre-pandemic. As Carell puts it, “Nasa bahay ka lang, kumikinis ka pa!”

She adds, “For me, this DIY IPL device is an instant confidence booster and I wanted other ladies to feel the same.” DIY Smooth’s DIY IPL device comes in three colors – Matte White, Rose Gold, and Cool Blue – so you can choose the one that suits your personality and preference best. They also deliver nationwide for FREE!

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