Divoom iFit-1 portable speaker: taking over unique features over the competition

When In Manila and seeking for a simple portable speaker that you could tag along anywhere you go and pump up some personal consumption of music, find the Divoom iFit-1 in your arsenal and you are good to go!

Build/Packaging: Divoom has always retained similar packaging on their portable lines so no need to dwell on this matter. What is more important is the build of the Divoom iFit-1. Yes, the Divoom iFit-1 may have a square foot print compared to other portable speakers that retain a circular shape, but for me, this may be a strength for the iFit-1. I can easily slip the iFit-1 in a bag or even a loose pants’ pocket due to the shape which would be odd and uncomfortable for a sphere shaped portable speaker. What’s also good to note with the Divoom iFit-1, is the cool feature of having a sliding part of the front which makes it a mini-dock for your smartphone for playing videos. The Divoom iFit-1 also retains the similar design underneath which houses the 3.5mm plug and makes it invisible and intrusive when not in use.

Sound Quality: The Divoom iFit-1 is a very portable speaker. Having a very small foot-print of course sacrifices sound quality due to the speaker’s size. The most aspect of sound that is sacrificed is the volume which Divoom has always had done well. Out of all their portables, none of them lacked in volume at all, and the Divoom iFit-1 is no exception. Divoom has always surprised me with how much volume their portables could churn out and have lower distortion on high volumes against the competition. They truly have proven it with all their products even with the Divoom iFit-1.

The Divoom iFit-1 retails for P900 and can be purchased through Power Mac, Astrovision and SM Appliance Center stores.

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Divoom iFit-1 portable speaker: taking over unique features over the competition

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