The Disneyland Philippines News You are Seeing Online is NOT TRUE

Last month,┬áPresident Benigno Aquino III had a meeting with Disneyland executives at the US-ASEAN Special Leaders’ Summit. Now, people all over the Internet are falsely claiming that Disneyland Philippines is already confirmed to happen. Sadly, this is not the case.

The false news was first released on a website called Okay Dito – and people took it seriously, with some even going so far as copy-pasting the “news” from Okay Dito onto their own Facebook pages without the source. After that, everything just spread like wildfire with other websites even posting self-made posters of “Disneyland Philippines”. Again: none of those posters are from Disneyland.

hong kong disneyland castle projection

In case you didn’t know, Okay Dito is a website that calls itself an “online resource for gullibe people” in its description. In other words: it is a hoax site and the news is not real. I feel the need to point this out as so many people are currently talking about it and sharing false information.┬áWhile there is nothing wrong with hoping for a Disneyland in our country, I┬ábelieve that everyone should try and be more responsible about what they share online.

Please share this article with your friends who have been sharing the news, so that they are aware and become more mindful about what they share online. Thank you! ­čÖé

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