Disney and Marvel will begin pulling out movies from Netflix in 2019


This may be your last chance to catch all your favorite movies on Netflix. Come 2019 the streaming site will gradually lose its content under Disney, which extends to the Marvel movies too. This all comes on the heels of Disney starting up their own streaming site.

Bad enough that the Marvel shows on Netflix are ending its run, now Disney and its affiliated franchises likely won’t be an option for binge-watching anymore. While it has been announced that Disney and Pixar content will be pulled out unilaterally from Netflix, the fate of the MCU and Star Wars films are still up in the air.

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A list from Netflix reveals the following films to be removed from Netflix. Disney films include “Beauty and the Beast”, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”, “Moana”, “Cars 3”, and “Coco”.

As for the MCU, the list isn’t quite as exact. The content we’ve had for Philippines Netflix has always been less than in America or Australia, so the titles the list gives like “Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2” or “Thor: Ragnarok” have never been available here. The same goes for the Star Wars franchise, whose film “Rogue One” was announced to leave sometime in January.

While Netflix states that the removal dates are only for America’s Netflix, the purge should be expected for all accounts eventually. Some movies like “Zootopia”, “Finding Dory”, and “Captain America: Civil War” have already been removed. It’s safe to assume this will be Disney’s actions for all regions since they need that push for their own streaming site.

Which movies will you be watching before the dreaded purge?