We’re Slowly Losing All of Our Marvel Shows on Netflix and We’re Not Sure Why

What is happening???!??? Just a week after Netflix announced that ‘Iron Fist’ would no longer be returning for Season 3, it seems that they have decided to say goodbye to ‘Luke Cage‘, as well.

This comes as quite a surprise since ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 was much better-received than Season 1 and ‘Luke Cage’ has always been well-loved by fans of the Marvel series. Now, we are all on edge. What will be happening to ‘Daredevil’, whose Season 3 just started earlier this month; ‘Jessica Jones’; and ‘The Punisher’? Will we be bidding goodbye to them soon, as well?

While ‘The Punisher’ has just finished filming Season 2 and ‘Jessica Jones’ is currently filming Season 3, though ‘Jessica Jones’ showrunner and creator Melissa Rosenberg has already announced that she will be leaving the show after this season. There has been no announcement for a ‘Daredevil’ renewal so far.

Some rumors say that ‘Luke Cage’ was canned because of ‘creative differences’, while other rumors say that the upcoming debut of Disney’s own streaming services has complicated matters, seeing as how they might want to bring their Marvel properties onto the small screen under their own brand.

Some fans are hoping that both series were cancelled because of a potential team-up of ‘Iron Fist’ and ‘Luke Cage’ for ‘Heroes for Hire’, but that seems unlikely the way that the lead actors of both shows have posted about the cancellations.

Basically, it seems like no one is safe in Netflix’s Marvel universe. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

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