Digital and Global: 5 Things I Learned at IMMAP Digicon 2016

Everything and everyone is going digital nowadays; it is inevitable. During IMMAP – the Internet & Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines’ Digicon 2016 – we were able to rediscover why we are in the digital industry, how it has changed over the years and what’s in store for the media industry.

With over 1,700 delegates and 161 speakers, three days were not enough to absorb all of the amazing lessons. I summarized the things I Learned from this years IMMAP below.

Digital and Global: 5 Things I Learned at IMMAP Digicon 2016

5. Digital relationships are more than just awareness.

Coming from a Marcomm Agency, I was really tired of hearing goals of brand awareness for digital marketing campaigns. It was a relief to know that everything has evolved from awareness to intimacy. According to Donald Lim of ABS-CBN, everyone should develop awareness through digital and not just awareness. This way, you will not just be another brand or a name, but a brand with a loyal following.

4. The future of advertising is exciting.

Ads, whether on traditional media or digital media, are what drive the industry and they are constantly evolving. One of the speakers, Matsuzaka Shun, brought along a companion with him. McCann Japan has the very first Robot Creative Director, which helps the ad agency with client briefing and campaigns. He also shared that the robot is not meant to replace humans in the industry, but to lend a hand and make work more efficient.

3. We have to change with the times.

Margot Torres of McDonald’s Philippines talked about how hard it is for businesses to change, but what constantly changes are the people. Businesses adapt, but stay true to themselves and what they are passionate about – giving their customers what they need.

2. Innovate everyday.

TBWA Global Chariman Jean Marie Dru shared how everyone should always innovate. “You have to look for innovation in all shapes and forms”. Everything is fast-paced and if you don’t innovate, you’ll get left behind. The wonderful thing about this digital world is that you can always find a way and an opportunity to do something new every day.


1. Things lie in the hand of the new generation.

Digital has opened doors for innovation, education and education. Though most people are digital migrants or just ventured into online, Fred Uytengsu of Alaska said, “What’s interesting is that we entrust a lot of what we’re doing to the next generation”. With everything online now, the youth has a lot more to learn and a whole new world to see – all in one click.

There is so much to learn when it comes to digital; it changes everyday and we all learn something new everytime we open our mobile phones or our computers. IMMAP is a celebration of thought leaders to share what they have tried and tested for their brands. Each has different stories and different ways on how they make use of digital; it’s now your turn! Digital, Now!

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