Different Personalities and Their Perfect Food Match

Words by Keith Carandang

Different Personalities and Their Perfect Food Match

Ever take one of those quizzes online that tell you what type of food you are based on your personality?  Yeah, us too.  You were probably bored out of your mind idly scrolling on Facebook when you came across it.  Did you actually think that one specific food can define you? Of course not.  Still, some cuisines fit better with certain personalities or even particular moods.  So whether you’re artsy, outgoing, introverted, or all three and more there is one thing that can unite everybody: FOOD!  But in a barkada that for sure has a diverse set of personalities, where do you go to suit every one’s tastes?  SM Foodcourt is the place to go!  Assorted cuisines left and right and we’re sure everyone’s satisfied.  Read up to see which cuisines we recommend for each personality and mood.

Filipino Food for the Rockstars

Different Personalities and Their Perfect Food Match Different Personalities and Their Perfect Food Match

Let’s start with an easy one. Who doesn’t like Filipino Food? Pinoys and foreigners alike sing their praises for well-loved dishes like adobo, sinigang, lumpiang sariwa, lechon kawali, and sisig! The savory and homey feel that comes with eating Filipino food can make even the hardest rakistas melt. How else can they rock hard all night if not for a heavy meal filled with their favorite home style food?

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Food for the Bubbly Bunch

Different Personalities and Their Perfect Food Match Different Personalities and Their Perfect Food Match

Into Anime, JPop, or KPop? Chinese food has always been a staple comfort food for us. While Korean food has been steadily on the rise along with its insane popularity nowadays. Their native dishes like kimbap is perfect for the bubbly bunch to complete the Korean invasion experience! KDrama and KPop has definitely taken over our lives so grab a bowl of bibimbob and enjoy it while watching your favorite idols.

Western Food for all the Cool Kids

Different Personalities and Their Perfect Food Match

In the mood for an absolutely legit grease fest? Dine with the cool kids and order up your perfect combo of burger and fries. The breezy and chill barkada will always head on to their go-to fast food and French fries will never be missing! Potato Corner should be a national treasure for giving us the perfect fries, great for sharing or just for yourself.


Italian Food for the Artists

Different Personalities and Their Perfect Food Match

Feeling up to something more sophisticated?  You’ll make no mistake with Italian.  Their variety of pasta is made more delectable when enjoyed with a good book and a mellow song.  Artists and creative’s needing alone time can relax with some alone time eating while conjuring up their next projects.    Pasta noodles to fuel your own noodle!

Mediterranean Food for the Conservative


Filipinos have a certain penchant for exploring cuisines uniquely different from ours. Take for example the Mediterranean cuisine that have successfully become a favorite for laidback loungers—no-frills, delicious, and filling. This is the choice of comfort food for those who want to break away from the hustle and bustle of the work week.

No matter what type of person you are or what mood you’re in, SM Foodcourt can satisfy your taste buds with their many choices that you can have more than one type of food at once!  Barkada problems are solved with everybody getting exactly what they want!  It’s not just an ordinary lunch here; you get to expand your palate too.  From Western to Asian, your ordinary lunch turns into an experience as the food takes you to a cultural trip around the world!  Hungry yet?  You know where to go!  There’s no doubt an SM Foodcourt is right nearby waiting to satisfy your hunger.

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