Clean and Protect Your Shoes with These Eco-Friendly Products

Did you used to get your shoes cleaned by professionals? Or have you always cleaned your shoes at home but didn’t really care very much about the products that you used to clean them? It’s time to be more mindful of your shoe-cleaning products, and we are here to help.

Founded by Arthur van der Kroft, DFNS (Defense) is a young brand with big dreams that is available in various countries across the globe. And now, it is available in the Philippines, as well! DFNS won’t just help you clean your favorite kicks; they will help you do so in the most eco-friendly and sustainable way.

How Do DFNS Products Work?

All of DFNS’ products are eco-friendly: water-based, biodegradable, non-toxic, and solvent-free. They are powered by air through Airopack Technology. an innovation that is safe for both the consumer and the environment. Compared to traditional aerosol, Airopack uses compressed air instead of pressurized gas so every spray only releases the actual product without harming the atmosphere.

Check out their footwear products:

DFNS Footwear Protector

This spray will protect your shoes inside and out, and the best part is that you can use it on shoes of any materials, including leather, suede, nubuck, and canvas. Available in 85ml (Php690) and 150ml (Php990).

DFNS Footwear Refresher

This spray uses active probiotics to deodorize your kicks. It is also safe to use on different kinds of material. Available in 150ml (Php790).

DFNS Footwear Cleaner

Clean any of your shoes with this cleaning gel that is safe for any shoe material. Available in 185ml (Php990).

DFNS Cleaning Kit

This kit includes a brush, cloth, and a 90ml tube of the DFNS Footwear Cleaner. Priced at Php1,190.

DFNS also has other products aside from their shoe cleaner: the DFNS Apparel Launder that deodorizes, reshapes, and de-wrinkles clothes, and the DFNS Denim Launder that cleans your jeans in a sustainable way. Level up your shoe-cleaning habits with DFNS today!




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