Detoxify Bar: The FIRST ORGANIC JUICE BAR in the country for a healthier you!

The year 2013 has been a witness to numerous trends and countless people have undyingly wanted to try each, one of which is the juicing, or the “cleansing diet”. When In Manila, let me introduce to you the FIRST ORGANIC JUICE BAR in the country which serves freshly-pressed juices matched with flavorful organic meals at Detoxify Bar at Eastwood City!

Detoxify Bar

Detoxify Bar’s goal is not just to make you skinny, but to make you healthier! Slimming down is just second to the numerous benefits you will get when you try their cleansing process. Our body needs to be fed with nutrition to sustain our demanding lifestyles and they are aiming to meet those by providing a place to enjoy real healthy beverages and meals packed with the micronutrients that our bodies need.


As a foodie, I have exposed myself to several variations from simple to festive degustation, all of which served their purpose of satisfying my cravings. Through this journey, it was inevitable to develop a bloated sensation, or a cramping feeling in my stomach afterwards. Blame the food? Not entirely, because it is only myself that I can blame for not rewarding a break with these oily and sometimes carcinogenic meals.

Together with fellow writers from, we decided to have some gratifying R&R and headed to Detoxify Bar located at Eastwood City.


First Impressions


Bright and inviting, although the store has limited space. In my opinion, they can only accommodate around 20 or so diners. But people come and go every minute! The store never ran out of people going inside to take their orders! I was really impressed, considering the small space that they have. I really think they should expand since people are clamoring their products very well! (A new branch will be opening before the year ends. Yay! Second branch is planned to open at Tuscany, McKinley Hill. Better watch out for that!)

Since the space is small, most of them preferred having their juices on-the-go. Detoxify Bar brainchild and owner, Joy Torres, said that people sometimes call their bar and order in advance. The minute their order is placed, they will press their juices, and they will have to pick it up at their store. Now that’s fresh! And they guarantee both freshness and satisfaction! 

DETOXIFY BARDetoxify Bar: Freshness and Cleanliness guaranteed! 

DETOXIFY BARDetoxify Bar: One of their staff holding a freshly-pressed bottle of Red Vegan Detox. It is said to be the “Athlete’s Favorite!”

DETOXIFY BARDetoxify Bar: The owner and very hands-on woman, Ms. Joy Torres, as she explains to us how juicing can be very good for everyone!


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