Delish Delivers PH: Get Your Baking Essentials Delivered to Your Doorstep

From their experience and background in trading and food industry, Delish Delivers PH launched an online delivery shop that delivers baking and cooking supplies. Here are some of the products that they have to offer:

Photo from Delish Delivers PH

They have different types of flour: all purpose flour, cake flour, bread flour, almond flour, whole wheat flour.

They also have chocolate chips and other products from brands like Van Houten and Ricoa, of which they are an authorized supplier of.

Photo from Delish Delivers PH

They have different types of sugar, as well: brown sugar, dark brown sugar, powdered sugar, and white sugar.

Photo from Delish Delivers PH

They also have products that are hard to find anywhere else.

Most of their products are available in different sizes, depending on your needs. They even offer products that are keto-friendly, like almond flour and cashews.

“We bring all sorts of essential baking products in one shop, so that our customers don’t need to go out and look for these products themselves,” they explain, assuring that their products are of high quality and priced at non-commercial rates. “We cater to home bakers and cooks who love to bake and cook. We also cater to people who are growing their bake shop and food businesses.”

Delish Delivers PH understands the importance of staying home. That’s why they promise their customers to deliver their baking and cooking needs to their homes with an easy ordering system to boot. Check them out today.

Delish Delivers PH

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