10 Deliciously Different Cookie Flavors You Need to Try

Ever since quarantine started, people have flocked to their kitchens to bake, bake, bake, and bake some more. It’s no wonder why so many online stores now offer delicious cookies for us to devour whenever we want to (or when we have the money to spare for them at least).

The usual flavors aside, though, we were pleasantly surprised to discover these 10 deliciously different cookie flavors that we highly recommend you try, too.

10 Deliciously Different Cookie Flavors You Need to Try

10. Cloud Bakery’s Ube Dulcey Cheese Cookies

Instagram: @cloud_bakeryph

Photo from Cloud Bakery

23-year-old Tina Sumerta is a budding chef who grew up in both London and Manila. After graduating with a Biomedical Science degree at King’s College London, she decided to switch careers to become a chef and went to Le Cordon Bleu London to complete the Grande Diplome. After finishing culinary school, she decided to move back to the Philippines to travel and learn more about Filipino cuisine. In the process, Tina fell in love with ube, so she started to develop recipes using ube in everything. Due to the pandemic, Tina kept busy by baking and eventually started selling her baked goods online.

Through Cloud Bakery, Tina aims to produce unique goods that incorporates everything she has learned while using as many local ingredients and influences as possible. The Ube Dulcey Cheese Cookie pairs ube with dulcey caramelized chocolate, and is a delicious and welcoming take on the ube cheese hype. Other flavors on Cloud Bakery’s roster include Evoo Choc Chip, Auro Chocolate Truffle, and Black Tahini Dark Chocolate.

The unique flavor combinations aside, Tina puts a lot of love into her recipes, which she spent weeks developing. Each texture is designed to match the flavor profile – and it really shows. She also shares that she will be adding more flavors soon, so that’s definitely something to watch out for!

9. A2manila’s Oreo Blast Cookies

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/A2inmanila

Instagram: @a2manila

A2manila came about from two sisters with an appreciation for food, especially desserts, who thought of sharing their home-baked goodies with the public. Their flavors are based on their personal favorites and from the suggestions and feedback of their supporters. Although you might think that A2manila’s cookies are just like any other giant cookies out there, think again. One bite will instantly make you change your mind.

Each one of their cookies is made from premium ingredients and they don’t cut corners. They want to make sure that their customers are satisfied down to the last crumb with no room for sharing – and they have definitely succeeded! If you love Oreo, then this is a must-try! Their Oreo Blast Cookies aside, they also have Classic Cookies, Double-Dark Chocolate Cookies, and Triple Chocolate Cookies.

8. MDJ Cookies’ Birthday Cake Cookies

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/mdjcookies

Instagram: @mdjcookies

Photo by Diane Nicole Go (@friedandprejudice)

Martine de Jesus (MDJ) has been selling cookies for a few years now, but didn’t start MDJ Cookies until the Enhanced Community Quarantine started. What she thought was bad luck at first actually proved to become a great stepping stone for her business, garnering her way more orders than she expected.

It really isn’t any wonder why her business is doing so well. Her cookies aren’t just delicious; they look great, too! Just look at those Birthday Cake Cookies. They’re chewy chocolate-y, and colorful – and they have marshmallows on top! Talk about a party in your mouth! Martine shares that she chooses her flavors based on her favorite cookies that her mom used to make. She just adds a little twist to make them her own. She is also still experimenting on more flavors, so watch out for more!

7. The Cookie Fix’s Strawberry Crunch Cookies

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecookiefixph

Instagram: @thecookiefixph

Photo from The Cookie Fix

Christine Capiral started baking in 2013. She even sold several pastries with a friend. However, when they got busy with school, they stopped operating. When the lockdown started, Christine tried offering cookies in their village and it was a hit, so they made a comeback with The Cookie Fix.

Christine shares that she has always wanted to make cookies with cereal. Since she only had strawberry cornflakes at home, she tried adding them to white chocolate chip cookies – and it turned out great! The cookies are chewy and chunky, and made with lots of love.️

6. Eenie Minni’s Matcha Sakura Cookies

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/EenieMinniPh

Instagram: @eenieminniph

Photo by Diane Nicole Go (@friedandprejudice)

One of our writers is in love with Eenie Minni PH. In fact, she even went so far as to say that they have the best set of cookies she has tried by far. This isn’t just because of how big their cookies are, either; it’s because they have unique flavors, too (see the rest of their flavors here). I mean, I don’t think we need to explain this any further. It has matcha, chocolate chips, sprinkles… and you can clearly see the Apollo strawberry chocolate sticking out of it. What’s not to love?

5. MommaBakes’ Gooey Mallow Cookies

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mommab.bakes

Instagram: @mommab.bakes

Photo from MommaBakes

Bea Varela-Trajano is a mother two little boys, and her being a mother is her identity and the driving force and inspiration in everything that she does. When her husband got her an electric oven for Mother’s Day this year, she taught herself how to bake in less than two months and started an online business: MommaBakes. Since her family loves cookies, it makes sense that she studied how to bake cookies (and cinnamon rolls, too!) before anything else. Since they couldn’t find their ideal cookies online, Bea made the yummiest cookie recipe: classic, chewy, chocolatey, and with just the right amount of sweetness.

MommaBakes’ Gooey Mallow Cookies came about as a request from her son Nathan, so she tested various marshmallow brands to find the one that makes the most gooey and pillowy cookie. Nathan describes it perfectly: “It’s like eating a cookie cloud!” And my daughter totally agrees. This is her favorite cookie of all time at the moment. Now, while it may be the show-stealers on their roster, you should know that MommaBakes also offers Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Oreo Cheesecake Cookies. Bea is currently working on two more cookie flavors, as well.

4. Chewy Gem’s Matcha Mallow Cookies

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chewygemph

Instagram: @chewygemsph_

Photo from Chewy Gems

ECQ played a big role in developing Chewy Gems as Gem Lim finally found time during her work-from-home days to dive into several cooking/baking videos on YouTube and Netflix. Having a sweet tooth, her cravings from watching those videos grew; but sadly, establishments in the Metro were mostly closed. She ended up buying basic ingredients to satisfy her cravings until an officemate pushed her to sell him her goods. The business is now thriving – and for good reason!

Chewy Gems’ cookie flavors are all inspired by Gem’s favorite desserts, drinks, and cravings. Their Matcha Mallows incorporate organic pure matcha, white and semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a mallow surprise. The mallow offsets the matcha’s strong flavor, and brings a harmonious balance to the cookies. It is goooood. They also have Banana Dark Chocolate Chip + Chia Cookies (which are best served chilled!) and Ube + Cheese Cookies.

What really sets their cookies apart, though, is the fact that the cookies’ crunchiness and chewiness will last for weeks even without vacuum-sealing it… but I highly doubt they’ll last that long anyway. They also offer carrot cake and flourless cheesecake, as well as diabetic-friendly and keto-friendly desserts by request.

3. Cate & Andi’s Cranberry Cobbler Cookies

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cateandandi

Instagram: @cateandandi

Photo from Cate & Andi

Elaine Tan’s baking journey started around 15 years ago when she was still unmarried; this was actually her profession fresh out of college. She was a home baker who opened a shop along Wilson street in San Juan in 2008 before she got married and had two wonderful girls, Cate & Andi. Quarantine gave Elaine a lot of time to bake in their Makati home kitchen with Cate & Andi serving as her top taste testers.

Elaine shares that she mostly sticks to her guts when choosing flavors for her cookies, relying on what she has learned through the years and getting inspiration from different channels. Their Premium Collection consists of cookies that are more complex in flavor. The one that really stood out for me is the Cranberry Cobbler, but trust me when I say that all of their cookies are must-tries. They will really make a mark on both your tongue and your tummy.

Their other notable flavors include Macadamia & Milk, ButterNutCrunch, and Mocha Velvet. They also have a Limited Edition Specialty Chocolates Series where they feature different chocolates in their chocolate chip cookies, such as Godiva and Patchi. They are baked for a selected few who are into trying out various themed cookies.

2. Golden.batter’s Cookie Fluffs

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Goldenbatter-100259161712682

Instagram: @golden.batter

Photo from Golden.batter

Ysolde Hizon started Golden.batter during ECQ after seeing Instagram stories of people baking. “Quarantine made me realize that you can do anything as long as you are inspired and dedicated,” she says. Their banana loaves are heavenly, but I simply have to rave about their cookies, too.

I’m not a fan of marshmallows at all, but I ate three of these Cookie Fluffs in less than a minute. They’re that good. And their Cookie Thins? Also must-tries! They’re extremely chewy and downright delicious, and I. Couldn’t. Stop. Eating. Them. Ysolde shares that she is also planning to add something new by mid-August, so make sure you watch out for that!

1. BTRC Bakes’ Toasted Caramel Coffee Chip Cookies

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BTRCBakes

Instagram: @btrcbakes

BTRC Bakes offers egg-free, dairy-free vegan cookies that taste oh-so-delicious but are completely guilt-free. They have no cholesterol in them, are low in calories, and did we mention they’re oh-so-delicious? BTRC Bakes actually has many surprising flavors (see the rest of their flavors here), but my current favorite is their Toasted Caramel Coffee Chip Cookies.

These cookies have a sweet caramel exterior and a rich coffee base with just a little bit of dark chocolate to further accentuate the flavors. I order these on a regular basis. In fact, I panic when I’m running low on stocks. And I’m not even vegan! That just goes to show how incredibly good they are!

Have you tried any deliciously different cookies lately? Let us know! We want to try them, too!

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