5 Delicious Treats That Chocolate Lovers Will Fall in Love With

Chocolaaaaaate! If there’s one thing in the world I absolutely cannot resist, it’s chocolate. No matter what kind of chocolate it is and what form it is in, I will be more than up for devouring it. For all of my fellow chocoholics out there, here are 5 of my latest choco-filled discoveries you are sure to love, too!

5 Delicious Treats That Chocolate Lovers Will Fall in Love With

5. Berry Deluxe Crinkles by The Flour Blooms (@theflourblooms)


Photo from The Flour Blooms

Not just crinkles, but BERRY DELUXE CRINKLES. These fudgy crinkles are topped with marshmallows and sliced fresh Baguio king strawberries. Have you ever tasted anything like this before? Coz this was a first for me! All of the quality ingredients in these treats are fresh, new, and indulgent – perfect for days when you want to spoil yourself or surprise someone else.

The Flour Blooms started in the middle of the pandemic when the owner started to bake because of cravings and then made a business out of it. “I enjoyed making cookies the most and as soon as I found the perfect recipe, I made an extra effort to make them look pretty good,” they share. “It’s fun for me to put my creativity into my baked goods since I’m an art director by profession. I like creating classic goodies and putting my own twist to it.”

4. Chocolate Cake from Big AL’s Cookie Jar (@bigalscookiejar)


After trying a whole slew of chocolate cakes during the pandemic, I honestly thought I would never crave chocolate cake again… but after trying Big AL’s Cookie Jar’s Decadent Chocolate Cake, I realized why I love chocolate cake to begin with. This cake is ultra fudgy and has just the right amount of sweetness. It’ll literally melt in your mouth and make you feel like you have gone to heaven.  (That’s how I felt, anyway.) They also have a Chocolate Caramel Cake and Premium Ice Cream that a ton of people have been raving about for a reason. Everything in their store is a must-try!

3. Chocolate-Coated Potato Chips from Cacao Lab (@cacaolab.ph)

Photo from The Cacao Lab

Royce who? These chocolate-covered potato chips are hella good and much more affordable than my usual go-to chocolate-covered potato chips brand! Plus, they’re made from locally sourced cacao from Mindanao farmers, and y’all know how much we love to support local here!

The owners of The Cacao Lab are high school friends who really love chocolate and decided to do something productive during quarantine. Aside from these chips, they also offer nama chocolates – two items that they really hoard whenever they go to Japan. They’re really so addicting! Whether as a snack or as a dessert, you’ll find yourself craving these treats all the time!

2. Chocolate Meringue from Tala Hilaga (@tala.hilaga)


Photo from Tala Hilaga

If you’re looking for a dessert that will make you nostalgic and make you think back on fond memories and experiences, this is it. For the owner, their chocolate meringue reminds her of Christmas Eve. They hope that people who try their desserts will also be able to create their own memories after tasting them.

The owner of Tala Hilaga is an Interior Design Consultant who loves to experiment in the kitchen during her free time. The recipe for her chocolate meringue is a recipe handed down by her mother and has been her family’s all-time favorite. Honestly, we’re not surprised! Tala Hilaga also offers cream cheese lemon bars, dried flower arrangements, and grazing boxes for the holidays.

1. Nama Chocolates from CHEW (@chewph_)

Photo by Keenen Pecolera

If you love nama chocolates, then you need to try all of the flavors available at Chew. They’ve got Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Matcha, and the highlight for my family: Cinnamon Chocolate! To make the holiday season a bit sweeter, they also have holiday boxes and bundles that you can pre-order until December 27, 2020.

Kyla Pecolera, 23, started her entrepreneurial journey last December 2019, when she launched a sleepwear brand followed by a small fast food franchise last February 2020. In July 2020, she started Chew. “Chew was a blessing in disguise during this pandemic,” Kyla shares. “It was originally created only for our family and close friends to try, only to realize that it was meant for more.” It turns out their flavors are inspired by Royce and were in such high demand to start that they sold 15 boxes on their first week and peaked at 123 boxes on their fourth week! A definite must-try!

What’s your favorite chocolatey treat? Recommendations, please!!!

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