Delicious Gourmet Cupcakes from Sweet Patti Cakes

When in Manila and you have an intense craving to satisfy your sweet tooth, then I recommend for you to try out the cupcakes from Sweet Patti Cakes. It’s also perfect if you’re looking to treat yourself after a stressful week or for doing something fulfilling. I had my taste of the delicious gourmet cupcakes one Tuesday afternoon when I set to pick out the box of delectable goodies during my lunch break.


The dozen cupcakes came in a plain lavender colored box with a circular sticker that I almost didn’t want to tear open because the color was so lovely to the eyes. It’s also a coincidence that it’s my favorite color so I was immediately in a happy mood when I saw the box. Of course, I was also looking forward to opening it and to stare at the cupcake goodness eagerly awaiting my tastebuds.


Here’s the pretty sight that greeted me as I opened the box. They all looked so pretty and delicious, I couldn’t wait to just take one and bite into it. The first ones that immediately caught my eyes are the yellow colored cupcake and the one that had a jam dot in the middle.


Much as I would have liked to eat them all, ( yes I’m selfish that way Haha) I shared the delicious box of cupcakes with my officemates. The one dozen box is priced at Php 900. Here are the immediate hits:


Lemon Colada

Not only was I attracted to the bright yellow color, I was also pleasantly surprised about the interesting mix of flavors. I really liked it.



Ooey Gooey Peanut Butter

I have this infinite love for Peanut Butter so this one also goes on the top of my list. I love that the peanut butter is not overly sweet.



Mad About Mocha

The cupcake itself is so moist and the burst of mocha flavor is very delightful to taste.


Seriously Chocolate

Chocolatey-flavored goodness. This one is also oh so yummy.

I’ve seen a lot of beautifully presented/designed cupcakes but usually what they make up for in looks, they lack in the taste department. The gourmet cupcakes from Sweet Patti Cakes however succeeds in both. Not only are they very pleasing and mouth-watering to look at, you won’t be disappointment with the taste. They’re just simply divine. So come this holiday season, When in Manila and you’re looking for an awesome treat for your friends and family, the delicious gourmet cupcakes from Sweet Patti Cakes is a very good choice.

Website: Sweet Patti Cakes

Contact Info: 02-5869586, 09277433539



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