Debby Ryan responds to memes about her acting skills

I don’t what it is about 2020, but one day people just woke up and thought, “You know what, we’re going to make fun of Debby Ryan.”

And just like that, a new meme was born.


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The meme started as a Tiktok trend where people imitated the actress’ scenes from her previous works like Radio Rebel, The Suite Life on Deck, and Insatiable. The whole thing blew up almost overnight and spread to different social media platforms as well.

debby ryan radio rebel

One of the more well-known versions of this meme is a scene from Radio Rebel, where Debby Ryan brushes her hair away from her face as she looks up.

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Thankfully, the actress took this meme lightheartedly, even retweeting one of the TikToks. In another tweet, she shared a GIF from saying, “I was serious about my craft from a young age and studied technique alongside Roxanne from A Goofy Movie.”

Here are some more of our favorite Debby Ryan memes for you to enjoy:

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