David Choi Live in Manila Season 3!

When In Manila, you might be wondering why fans go crazy over YouTube singer David Choi… Well, I suggest you give this guy a chance to sing… and I promise, you’ll get swept off your feet.

David Choi Live In Teatrino, Promenade


Originally to be held at the Music Museum, I was surprised that David Choi Manila Concert was moved to Teatrino,



It was my first time at Teatrino, unlike the people at Music Museum, the service of the staff of Teatrino were “OFF”.

I didn’t need them to treat me important—just PROPERLY. In which they failed to do. Oh well.

Anyway, David Choi Manila Concert’s opening act was the bubbly Ashley Gosengfiao. I didn’t know she sings until I heard her that night.


What can I say, her voice was as angelic as her face. She sang acoustic while playing her guitar. All spotlights on her. Her voice was so pleasant that even the fly would listen to her singing. Haha! (A fly was on her microphone almost the whole time, it didn’t go away even if Ashley shoo-ed it already.)


She sang a few original songs.. But when she started singing her version of John Mayer’s “Back To You”, the crowd just went silent and listened to her. Well, so did I.



Ashley Gosengfiaosings John Mayer’s Back to You. Last song for the night. Amazing voice!



After her last song, the crowd cheered as Ashley introduced and welcomed David Choi!


David Choi is a Korean American who became popular at YouTube because of his voice and different music videos.

Looking at David Choi alone, he might not be your “boy-next-door-heartthrob”… but give this guy a chance to sing, you might just FALL IN LOVE with him, OVER and OVER again. Smile






David Choi sang quite a few from his current album Forever and Ever like “This and That Is Life“, where during the chorus, we audience raised sticks with David Choi’s face. (Well, that was a surprise for him) and I guess it worked!




 Audience waving sticks with David’s face


Unlike the previous shows of David here in Manila, this time he had a band with him on stage. Which made his performance more “lively” and happy. David also sang “Missing Piece”, which was one of my favorite!



He also sang his 6 million views YouTube hit song “That Girl”,


The ones we love tend to stay in our hearts and minds long after the relationship ends. While some move on quickly, others dwell and heal at a slower pace. Whatever the case, the thoughts, emotions and memories we experience during this time are heartwrenchingly powerful and real.


in which, he worked with YouTube producers WongFu Productions in making the music video.



Of course, David Choi is known for playing acoustic songs! He didn’t let his audience miss that chance! He played “By My Side” with only his guitar. Oh yes! He made the girls’ hearts melt when he started singing! 


Check out the video:



David Choi – By My Side


While he was playing, fans came in front and left white balloons for David. 



 As his final song, David gave us his version of “What A Wonderful World” for his Filipino fans! You rock David Choi! 


 David Choi – What A Wonderful World


Overall, I really enjoyed the show. I loved how David kept constant communication with his audience! And yes, he even gave signed posters to lucky fans who answered his questions correctly! Indeed it was a fun-filled night with David Choi!


So When In Manila, next time David Choi comes to Manila, be sure to get your tickets! I guarantee you its worth watching! 🙂 


David Choi Forever and Ever Tour is brought to us by SoulMannaLive






Check out David Choi 🙂




My David Choi pass!


David Choi with Vince Golangco and Tracy Abad after guesting at The Wake Up Show 


David Choi Live in Manila Season 3!


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