Daniel Paringit Kicks off His Solo Career With His Latest Single ‘Palayain’

Fueled by passion and grit, Daniel Paringit kicks off his music career; this time, as a solo artist. His newly released single ‘Palayain’ is, at its core, a song about breaking free. From what exactly? Well, that’s entirely up to the listener’s interpretation.
The beauty of this song lies in its vulnerability, relatability, and subjectivity. To one, it might be about finally taking a big leap and freeing oneself from his or her shackles, and to another, it could be an honest love song. 

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‘Palayain’ starts off slow with Daniel’s vocals accompanied by soft synth in the background. The pace and rhythm gain momentum as the song progresses until all the instruments come together, creating an upbeat sound. This progression is intentional as it mirrors the process of overcoming fear and doubt to finally break free from whatever it is one wishes to let go of. 

Palayain Single Art

Daniel is joined by his band members—guitarists Kazeki Tanaka and Eric Verdolaga, bassist Gelo Cabigon, drummer Gelo Ventura, and keyboardist Rosner Mabuti. 

‘Palayain’ is out now on Spotify, and all other digital streaming platforms under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines).
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Photos by: Aly Quinones @alyquinones
Music Produced by: Rye Sarmiento and Choi Padilla
PR Written by: Celine Emma Ocampo