Daniel Padilla Shares 4 of His Style Tips and Fashion Must-Haves

Article by Camille Dominique Javier (IG: camilledominiquejavier)

Daniel Padilla knows how to rock his own unique style—so much so, that he has girls and fans of all ages swooning over him. Whether he’s wearing his signature white shirt jeans and sneakers look or a classic suit, Daniel’s style turns heads and causes ripples in fashion wherever he goes.

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We got a chance to sit down with this “teen king” local heartthrob, who let us in on some of his style secrets, tips and hacks that make him look and feel good. Check them out:

Daniel Padilla Shares 4 of His Style Tips and Fashion Must-Haves

4. Research. Go for something that looks different and timeless.

Go online, check out style magazines; walk around and observe how people around you dress… get inspired! The Internet gives us easy access to different styles; we can look up photos, read articles online and even shop for clothes and accessories directly.

With a multitude of styles out there, we can’t help but be intimidated… what if they don’t work for me? What if trends change and I can’t use the clothes I just bought anymore? Daniel Padilla tells us to go for something different and timeless. Different as in something that highlights who you are and what makes you you! And timeless as in something that works even when the trend passes.

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For Daniel Padilla, celebrities Johnny Depp and John Lennon are his style icons, hence his tendency to go for rugged but classic looks. He loves to travel, and on his recent trip with Kathrine Bernardo to Japan, he mentions that he was inspired by Tokyo streetwear and fashion.

3. Don’t be afraid to take risks and experiment.

Finding your style and sticking to it can be a challenge, so why not give in and give yourself the benefit of the doubt? “Take risks! Experiment! Find what works for you.” says Daniel Padilla. From time to time, Daniel likes to play around with different styles. On some days, he goes for something light and simple. On other days, he feels like  experimenting with something new. Through this process, he finds out what works for him and what doesn’t

Take advantage of opportunities to go out with your friends; you’ll be going to different places, which means you’ll get to try different styles to suit the needs of your look and feel.

2. Own your style.

Once you’re settled with what outfits, accessories, and style tools work for you, it’s time to own them! Whether you choose to go for a semi-formal and smart casual look, something rugged, or something comfy and casual; be consistent with your personal image and branding because it will help you feel good and comfortable with being you!  Daniel Padilla sticks to a rugged yet casual look, which resonates even when he wears a suit to red-carpet events:

daniel crazy beautiful you

Daniel Padilla–let’s admit it–looks great and I’m sure he feels great, too. So, own your style!

1. Always have unique go-to style essentials.

Regardless of his #OOTD or style of the day, Daniel Padilla claims that he never leaves home without a pair of sunglasses. Daniel loves to collect different kinds of sunglasses.

High school pa lang ako, nagsusuot na ako ng salamin (ever since high school, I’ve been wearing sunglasses)”, Daniel admits. Wearing glasses has become a habit and he has learned how to incorporate them into his own unique style. Daniel never leaves home without a pair of sunglasses—yes, even at night, he claims. For him, sunglasses are his must-have fashion staple.

He isn’t perfect. He is original

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Daniel has taken his love for sunglasses to new heights this year by working with Tina and Ricco Ocampo of i2i New York for the DJP x i2i sunglasses collection. Daniel worked closely with Tina to design 12 different designs for his sunglasses collection, perfect for any kind of style – whether you’re the type to stick to the classic and traditional look or if you dare to go for a more experimental look.

djpxi2i graphics

The DJP collection also features light-tinted lenses for people like Daniel who love to wear shades at night or at evening events. i2i New York is incredibly happy to have Daniel Padilla on board as a brand ambassador to give the brand a more authentic, Filipino touch. We got an exclusive look at the DJP collection and we can’t wait to get our hands on a pair:

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All DJP sunglasses are made of lightweight, hypo-allergenic, and highly impact-resistant materials with UV-treated lens that help protect your eyes from the sun. They’re an absolutely great addition to your sunglasses collection and add a perfect touch to your #OOTD!

Which pair from the DJP x i2i are you most excited about?

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