All the Cute Things You Can Buy From This Phone Brand That Aren’t Smartphones

Popular as a smartphone brand in the Philippines, Xiaomi has more to offer than its range of electronic communication devices. Apparently, the brand also has audio devices, watches and fitness bands, TVs, smart devices, and smart home products.

Here are cute Xiaomi home products that you can buy on Lazada.

Forest Desktop Fan

affiliate lazada xiaomi 1 forest desk fan

If you are looking for a vintage table fan to add life to your decor or just to keep your cool, get inspired with the Xiaomi Sothing Forest Desktop Fan. It comes in a forest green color that relaxes the vibe in any space. It has an adjustable 3-gear wind speed to suit your every need.

The fan’s built-in 4000mAh battery can provide cooling power to up to 13 hours on a single charge. Its 7-blade leaf design reduces the impact of airflow on the human body. The DC brushless motor guarantees strong wind and quiet operation every time. With its detachable front shell, the fan is easy to clean and maintain.

Buy the Xiaomi Sothing Forest Desktop Fan here.

Geometric Desktop Humidifier

affiliate lazada xiaomi 2 geometric desktop humidifier

Have a restful sleep with the help of this device because it keeps the humidity in your room at the right level. Make your room more comfortable to stay in as the environment in your space is never dry. Moreover, its geometric design can instantly add character to your desktop.

Buy the Xiaomi Youpin Sothing Geometric Desktop Humidifier now!

TITA Turntable Phonograph Car Fragrance

affiliate lazada xiaomi 3 tita turntable car fragrance

This car fragrance comes with three aromatherapy tablets out of the box. It ensures that your car is always smelling fresh and fragrant everyday.

Get this TITA Turntable Car Fragrance now!

Portable Mosquito Repellant

affiliate lazada xiaomi 4 portable mosquito repellant

The principle of this anti-mosquito device uses the phototaxis of UV light to induce it to enter the effective range of the lamp and the airflow generated by the fan sucks the insect into the storage box. Its 360° UV Violet Light Mosquito + 360° open air duct design increases air suction and coverage, making it more efficient. No fumes, dust, and irritating odors are produced during its operation, reducing the likelihood of respiratory discomfort.

The whole machine has only one switch button located at the top for easy operation. It has a metal lacquer finish that is sturdy and perfect for any space at home. Its removable storage box is easy to remove and easy to clean. It is designed to be washable and is easy to dry, reducing the chances of bacterial growth.

This mosquito repellant is powered using a micro USB interface and is compatible with most mobile phone chargers.

Buy this device here.

Sunny Smart Sensor Night Light

affiliate lazada xiaomi 5 smart sensor night light

This stylish and smart sensor night light is perfect for your beautiful bedroom. Its separate magnetic type design connects the foundation with the lamp without using any bolts. Using the “two points positioning” design, it keeps the inductor in front all the time.

Its sensor and PIR sensor make it smart. It offers three adjustable working modes. This night light is suitable even on slippery walls and furniture.

Buy this night light now!

Electric Mosquito Swatter

affiliate lazada xiaomi 6 eletric mosquito swatter

The innovative device offers two modes of use—as a handheld mosquito killer when standing upright and as a mosquito killer lamp when the handle is folded.

It has a unique two-in-one base design. The handle is designed with a 90 ° rotating structure and can be directly placed on the desktop as a lamp after bending without the need for an additional base, eliminating the trouble of storing accessories. There is a high-brightness LED searchlight in front, which is convenient for quickly finding the mosquitos at night and it can easily kill mosquitoes even in the dark.

When the lamp is turned on, the metal mesh surface continuously outputs a high voltage. Keep out of reach of children and pets, and never put your fingers into the metal mesh for safety. Its 9-LED purple light beads are placed under the safety net to form a skyline mosquito trap light strip. When the automatic kill mode is turned on, the insect’s phototaxis is used to attract mosquitoes to fly to the power grid and automatically eliminate them.

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Electric Shoe Sterilizer

affiliate lazada xiaomi 7 eletric shoe sterilizer deodorizer

This sterilizer/deodorizer is perfect for cotton slippers, snow boots, leather shoes, canvas shoes, sneakers, and socks. It has a double core for uniform heating and fast drying. It comes with a fire-retardant shell that automatically carbonates when heated.

Buy this Electric Shoe Sterilizer here.

Mini Air Dehumidifier

affiliate lazada xiaomi 8 dehumidifier

Visually appealing with a plant design, this device comes in a transparent greenhouse top cover that changes in color along with water saturation. It offers safe and convenient dehumidification without any need to power on. Its water-absorbing particles make the color change and it visually shows moisture absorption. It is extremely lightweight so you can easily move it around your house.

Buy this dehumidifier now.

Milkbox Dehumidifier

affiliate lazada xiaomi 9 milkbox dehumidifier

This device has a carefully calculated capacity and atomization amount that meets the demand of a small space. It provides two-stage humidification mode of direct injection/intermittent spray. Direct spray mode quickly increases the humidity of the air in a small environment and relieves dryness in a timely manner. Intermittent mode sprays mist every 3 seconds to continuously supply moisture and maintain constant air humidity.

This ultrasonic atomizing device is used to rapidly diffuse water into the air. The diameter of the atomized particles is less than 15um, and the humidification will not leave traces.

Its intelligent power off protection function works continuously in the direct-injection mode for 4 hours and the intermittent mode automatically cuts off after 6 hours of continuous use, which prolongs the life of the product and ensures safety. It produces no more than 30 decibels during operation to avoid disturbing your home environment.

Designed for dry and wet separation, the lid can be easily removed. Adding water is easy and can be done directly from the sink. It has a large opening so no need to worry about water droplets flowing out and splashing.

The bottom area of this milkbox dehumidifier is less than 0.07m3. It can be placed on the corner of the tabletop with a right-angled shape. It is very space-saving and easy to move.

Buy this now!

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