This Coffee Brand Was Specially Developed for the Filipino Market

Looking for good coffee? (Aren’t we all?) We’ve discovered a new coffee brand that was specially developed for the Filipino market. Being a coffee addict, I was honestly a little skeptical but I tried every single flavor that Culture Blends has to offer last week (like I said… I’m a coffee addict lol) and they are officially becoming a mainstay in my life. The best part is that Culture Blends is available on Shopee so they’re easy to find and order.

Culture Blends thumbnail

Photo from Culture Blends’ Facebook page

Culture Blends adds excitement to your daily cup by providing a variety of coffee experiences inspired by the best coffee culture around the world. Every cup of Culture Blends has the perfect balance of coffee, cream, and sugar prepared using special coffee beans and roasting techniques unique to every country.

Stock up on Culture Blends now!

Culture Blends’ coffee is available in three different variants:

Italian Creamy White Coffee

Culture Blends Italian Creamy White Coffee

Photo from Culture Blends’ Facebook page

If you’re a white coffee lover, you will definitely love their Italian Creamy white coffee. Stock up on it now!

American Blend 3-in-1 Latte

Culture Blends American Blend Coffee

Photo from Culture Blends’ Facebook page

If you’re into strong coffee but still with a perfect balanced of cream and sugar, try their American Blend 3-in-1 Latte. This one is my favorite! Stock up on it now!

Belgian Delight Choco Mocha Coffee

Culture Blends Belgian Delight

Photo from Culture Blends’ Facebook page

If you want to try something new, try their Belgian Delight choco mocha – a delightful blend of chocolate with coffee. Stock up on it now!

Although I prefer my coffee strong most of the time, I am happy to have found a brand that offers sweeter options that aren’t too sweet. They taste just right with delicious flavors and the perfect kick of caffeine to go about my day. I’d highly recommend trying all of their flavors to find out which one suits your palate best.

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