Cullen Wayne: Compact wallets that let you carry your essentials in style

The pandemic has brought us to a world where less is more as we try to cope with the new normal. Part of the changes in society that we have to live with are making cashless payments, which besides being a quick payment option, lessens the spread of coronavirus. As we adapt to these challenges, compact wallets come in handy.

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Cullen Wayne has removed the unnecessary clutter and stripped wallets back to the essentials, providing a practical alternative to the traditional bulky wallet.

Their minimalist design provides both style and function. They are made from luxury aluminum metal and premium stretch weave materials so the wallets are lightweight, yet Cullen Wayne guarantees they will last a lifetime.

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Photo by @a.r.m.r.125 on Instagram

One of the perks of using a small wallet is that it becomes a constant reminder to avoid piling up unnecessary receipts or reward cards that you never actually use. Despite its size, it can comfortably carry 12 cards while protecting them from the modern nuisance of RFID theft. Bills can also be placed within the cards or using the attachable money clip that comes free with every purchase.

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Photo from @cullenwayneofficial on Instagram

Just like our phones and accessories, these modern wallets come in different colors to match our personal style or any occasion. You also get to decide if you want yours with a matte (black, gold, and silver) or brushed finish (black, gold, silver, blue, red). Aside from these, an ultraslim version with a 7mm range is available, too.

To shop or learn more about Cullen Wayne wallets, you may visit their website ( or check them out on Facebook/Instagram (@cullenwayneofficial).

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