Cuenca Lantern Festival, 11.11.11. Wish Night Celebration

When In Manila, everyone looked forward to 11.11.11, which most considered a holiday, or at the very least, a lucky day.





The metro was abuzz with different activities, but one that stood out most was the much talked about and highly anticipated Lantern Festival. Of course everyone wanted to be there! Anyone who has ever seen Tangled, or saw pictures of this activity online saw how amazing beautiful the lanterns can be. Whether it be for the sentimental, the superstitious, or even just the curious, When In Manila, the Lantern Festival was one event that everyone was looking forward to.


Giselle Banzon, a DLSU student was one of them. After learning of the Banchetto Lantern Festival, Giselle excitedly tried to reserve lanterns for herself and her friends. She was so disappointed when she found out that all lanterns for the event were already reserved. She was so disappointed in fact, that she decided to have her own little Lantern Festival. Read her full story  here: 


News spread and on the night of the Cuenca Lantern Festival, there was an estimated 1000 people in attendance and 700 sold lanterns, with people wanting more.


It was a rainy evening, and after news of the Banchetto event being cancelled, I was a little scared that the event wouldn’t push through.


I arrived at Cuenca park at around 9:30 when the rain started to subside. At one corner, Century Tuna was giving away free tastes of their product. Hayden Fragrances was giving away free samples, too. The place was packed!






By 11, people marched onto the fields with their lanterns. The field was pretty muddy after the rain, but I don’t think anyone cared about that. Everyone was focused on their lanterns and started to set up.









Pretty soon, lit lanterns were everywhere!







On 11.11.11 at 11.11 pm 700 lanterns were released at Cuenca Park, Ayala Alabang.











 Click for more photos.



Congratulations to everyone who was able to take part of this awesome experience. But, most especially, a big congratulations to  Ms. Giselle Banzon for daring to create such a beautiful and memorable 11.11.11. 


Every day life can be tiring and monotonous, When In Manila. For one magical night, people saw the beauty and power of a single effort and collective wishes.



 Cuenca Lantern Festival,  11.11.11. Wish Night Celebration



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