LOOK: These Small Houses Can Be Assembled in Mere Hours

As much as millennials might want a living space of their own, let’s face it: a lot of us simply don’t have the money for it. If a small space is enough for you, however, Cubo Modular’s homes might just fit into your budget.

For as little as Php89,000, you can get your own “tiny house” – an upgraded version of the Filipino bahay kubo – that can be assembled in mere hours.


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In an interview with ANC, Cubo CEO Earl Forlales explains what Cubo is. Cubo is a sustainable and local modular housing solution built by local craftsmen with pure engineered bamboo. They then employ a proprietary modular housing system that allows them to fabricate a house in a matter of days and then assemble it in a matter of hours, focusing on the essentials and making homes more affordable.



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The first installed project came into being in Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong last December 2020 and it actually survived an earthquake during the holidays, proving that Cubo Modular delivers what they promise: an earthquake- and typhoon-proof home.

What are the Benefits of Pure Engineered Bamboo?

  • It’s natural. Earl shares that it only takes three years to grow bamboo fit for structural use. During that time period, each ton of bamboo sequesters 600g of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In other words, it can harvest and store carbon dioxide, making it a unique building material.
  • When done in volume, more bamboo will be needed to be planted and more carbon dioxide will be taken from the atmosphere.
  • They get to solve the housing crisis and they get to plant a lot of natural bamboo that can sequester carbon dioxide.
  • It is structurally strong – 14 times stronger than other natural hardwoods.

The material aside, it is worth reiterating that these dignified homes are proudly built by Filipino hands for the Filipino people. According to Earl, their homes are essentially an upgrade to the buhay kubo.

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Cubo COO Zahra Zanjani points out that now is the best year for Cubo Modular to come to the forefront. After showcasing what they are capable of, she states that now is the time for new technology and for new and young people. “There’s a huge housing backlog,” she points out, “and the only way we can service that is through developing new technology.”

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