CRS Week 2022: A Year in Life

The UST College of Rehabilitation Sciences Student Council’s most awaited event this October has finally begun! The UST CRSSC will hold its annual college week this October 26 to 29, 2022 entitled, “CRS Week 2022: A Year in Life”. It features the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each of these seasons symbolize the different points in life that we encounter through time. 

With the event divided into 8 fun-filled and fascinating activities, namely, the College Mass, “Librehab 2022: Nurturing Holistic Health”, “RS Virtual Coaching”, “One Day Fair”, “Reyes& Reyes”, “E-Palaro Finals & Exhibition Games”, “Alternative Classes”, and its main event, “Rehabilitation Sciences Got Talent 2022”, it will enable the participants to learn about the points in life that one usually encounters, and how to deal with it and adapt despite the challenges. All of which will be held online via Zoom, Discord, Facebook Livestream, and other UST CRS Student Council social media platforms. 

rsz 1crs week main poster

The four day-long festivity generally aims to celebrate the field’s expertise in being a leader, having a great working relationship and its role in attaining one’s holistic and optimal health and wellbeing. Moreover, the key to a successful rehabilitation team is building rapport. Through this event, each individual from both department and faculty, will be able to mold their skills in all aspects of the rehabilitation field.


Such events have invited experienced speakers who will shed some light, and competent judges who will determine the greatness of each individual or group.


With spring as a symbolism of new renewal, transformation, and beginning, first on the list of the 4-day event is the College Mass which will officially open the CRS Week. A meaningful opening as it would guide the whole CRS Community with God’s blessing.


One of the activities to definitely look forward to is “Librehab 2022: Nurturing Holistic Health” on October 26 and 27. It is a collaborative project, with partner communities from Binangonan, Rizal, Naga City, Bicol, and Parent Advocates For Visually Impaired Children (PAVIC), aiming to encourage adults about their holistic health in areas that are underserved as to promote awareness and knowledge to maintain one’s health especially in times of need. To know more about this event, click this link:


Balancing one’s academic life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle started to become a general concern when the new normal took place. With this, the CRSSC will hold “Rehabilitation Sciences Virtual Coaching” (RSVC) on October 26 to help students engage in physical activities to improve their psychological wellbeing, cognitive skills, and to keep the body safe and healthy.


Moving on to the season of summer – a time for basking under the sun’s warmth and nothing but full of joy. It is a season dedicated to celebrating one’s youth together with one’s peers. Of course, building a good relationship is important as it can create one’s potential support system which is why “One Day Fair” will take place on October 27 to strengthen the bond of the whole CRS community.


There is also room for fun and games featuring the students’ leadership, flexibility, and communication skills. Recognizing its importance, “E-Palarong RS: The Finals” will be held on October 27 and 28, while the Exhibition Games will be held on October 29.


And to end the second day, “Reyes & Reyes: Illuminating Milestones” is an event which highlights the journey of the Thomasian professionals of CRS towards full growth as well as their experience in the college. 


The third day is dedicated to the season of fall which marks the transition or the process of undergoing change as summer comes to an end this new season begins. The same way goes with life. To hone one’s various skills and interests is a never ending process. The college gives its students amazing opportunities to learn beyond academics through “Alt-C” or Alternative Classes to be held on October 28.


Last, but definitely not the least, the season of winter – recognized as a time of sharing and gift giving. Although gifts don’t always come in material form. Sometimes, it is already what is found within us. CRS Week will be capped off on October 29 with the annual showcase of the students’ prowess at the Rehabilitation Sciences Got Talent 2022. Each department will have a chance to snatch this year’s crown as they present their advocacies through original short films.

For more information and updates regarding this event, visit UST CRS SC’s official social media accounts, UST College of Rehabilitation Sciences Student Council on Facebook and @ustcrs_sc on Twitter and Instagram.