Crisan Bags Has Classic and Stylish Bags Perfect for the Pandemic

Looking for classic and stylish bags that won’t give up on you during the pandemic (and as time goes by, in general)? I’ve been the victim of a lot of pretty bags that fell apart in mere months, so looking for durable yet stylish bags has been quite a problem for me. If you feel the same, let me introduce you to Crisan Bags.

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Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

The owner of Crisan Bags was initially a subcontractor of different bag brands. When they saw that people loved their bags, they eventually decided to finally come up with their own brand – and I am absolutely in love with them!

Crisan offers bags for practically any kind of woman, any kind of occasion, and any kind of needs. Whether you prefer your bags small or big, they’ve got something for those who like carrying around a bunch of stuff and those who only stick to the essentials. They even have transparent bags that are perfect for the current pandemic.

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If you are looking for the perfect ‘pandemic bag’, this is it. The Crisan plastic bag is extremely easy to disinfect and is durable enough for everyday use. If you are the type to spray Lysol or wipe alcohol on everything – your bag included – you can rest easy knowing that they won’t damage this bag in any way. Even beyond the pandemic, this plastic bag is perfect for beach trips or even just the rainy season.

Crisan Bags are chosen based on season trends, usability, and customer feedback – that’s how much they value their customers! You definitely won’t be disappointed by their products. They pride themselves in their attention to details because it has always been their goal to create bags that last for a long time, and are both attractive and comfortable at the same time. They also do after sales service as much as possible.

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Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Of course, buying Crisan Bags’ products will help support their bag craftsmen, as well. Through their products, they hope to inspire and motivate people to look beyond foreign brands and support local. That is actually one thing that I promised myself I’d do more of from now on. You should, too. 🙂

Make sure to check out their products and like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their newest products and awesome sales! They are also available on Shopee and Lazada.

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