Crafting Time: Lody and Lomie’s Accessories Handcrafted with Love

A friend of mine asked me to accompany her to Bonifacio High Street this past Saturday as she wanted to check out a store there. As we made our way around the area, we noticed that it was crowded and noisier than usual – turns out it was the BGC Passion Fest. It’s a weekend full of music, games, food and more celebrating Filipino life and culture with a modern twist.

Part of the weekend activities were rows of Filipino vendors selling their arts and crafts. That’s how I met Lody and Lomie and their accessories business called Crafting Time. You see I love accessories – earrings, necklace, rings, bracelet! In fact, I have a drawer in my room full of them – some I haven’t worn for the longest time because they’re so many and I usually just grab the first thing I see when I’m going out! Still, I continue to check out accessories and buy them. So, it’s no wonder that I gravitated towards Lody and Lomie’s table.


What do Lody and Lomie make exactly? They make handcrafted accessories made from polymer clay.


I super love that violet bracelet. It’s pretty, right?


Flower pot necklace


Flower earrings   WheninManila.com004Book shaped neckalces and flower rings



Cute locket necklaces

I have to admire them for being able to make these kinds of accessories. I’m sure it takes a lot of creativity, skill and patience. All their handcrafted accessories are so lovely that I wanted to buy them all from the earrings to the necklaces. Each one of these items is one-of-a-kind. No two items sport the same design.

Can’t decide between a bracelet or a necklace? Well, why not both? They recommended these to me because I simply couldn’t make up my mind. This is a 2-in-1 accessory: it’s a necklace and a bracelet!



This is a quirky cute mask necklace!

Lody and Lomie also make handcrafted business card holders.


These scream of personality!

Now, you might say handcrafted polymer clay accessories are not unique to Lody and Lomie. I agree of course. They’re not the only sellers of these kind of accessories. In fact, I recall seeing some polymer clay necklaces featured in Candy Magazine years ago and I even remember visiting the seller’s Multiply store (remember those days?) checking out her work. What makes them different, I feel, is that they’ve got personality!


Meet the mother and daughter tandem behind Crafting Time: Lody and Lomie.

They’re so cheerful – really! You gotta love sellers who are very approachable and sell their crafts with so much joy and passion! If you want to check out their items, Crafting Time will be back at BGC Art Mart on December 5. Be sure to set a budget limit, though, because you might just fall in love with their pieces so much, you’ll want to buy them all!

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Crafting Time

02 995 3609 / 0926.6829649


IG: @craftingtime