8 Cozy Seating Options if You Like Being on The Floor

Tired of sitting around in a normal chair all day? With more than a year of being stuck in our homes, we’re sure you’d love a change in your seating arrangements in the house.

If you enjoy sitting comfortably on the floor, you can make it extra relaxing with the right choice of floor chairs. Here are some cozy seating options from Shopee for sitting comfortably on the floor:

tatami chair

Photo from Shopee

8. The tatami floor chair is a huge trend among people working from home because it provides a comfy makeshift office in whatever space you have. It’s space-saving and easy to prop up. This particular tatami floor chair also includes a waist pillow for extra back support.

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Photo from Shopee

7. This massive bean bag chair is multi-functional. Because of its huge size, it can also be used as a cozy bed for short naps in the middle of the day. This particular bean bag is also a lot firmer than the commercial bean bags you see in malls. A bonus point: it’s locally made and from a family business!

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floor pillows

Photo from Shopee

6. This simple floor pillow is also a great floor seating option thanks to its stylish yet subtle design. It’s easy to store because of its size, but it also acts as a nice home decor piece if you decide to leave it out in the open. The neutral colors make these floor pillows easy to match with any space.

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Photo from Shopee

5. At first look, you can already feel how comfy this lazy chair is. Thanks to its chunky and soft build, I’m sure anyone would love to sink into this cozy floor chair. Many reviewers even talked about how they never wanted to leave this chair once they sat on it.

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crown cushion

Photo from Shopee

4. If you’re looking for something that will match your all-pink home office or bedroom, this plush floor cushion is for you. It features adorable crown and cat paw designs that can instantly brighten up your space. If you want to move to a normal chair, you can use it as a seat cushion, too.

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Photo from Shopee

3. Going for a more natural look in your space? This native ottoman is a great floor seating option. You can maximize these ottoman pieces by pairing them with a rattan coffee table, making your living room an instant home office!

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double lazysofa

Photo from Shopee

2. If you want a cozier and comfier version of the normal two-seater sofas, this double lazy sofa will definitely make your space extra cozy. This bigger version of the lazy sofa allows you to accommodate more people, and makes a comfy bed, too! This is definitely a relaxing option for solo apartments or bedrooms.

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japanese rattanchair

Photo from Shopee

1. This Japanese-style rattan floor chair is a more elegant option, and it would easily be one of your highlighted furniture options in your home. It features a beautiful rattan seat with a small backrest. You can even choose between the legless design or the chair with tiny wooden legs at the bottom. It’s stylish, minimalist, and easily looks like a designer furniture piece.

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Which one is your favorite floor chair? Share it with us!

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