COVID Diaries: Millennial Edition Shows Support for Mental Health

Last April, COVID Diaries: Millennial Edition launched a digital platform that features news, events, and people using a unique millennial perspective. Within the same month, the team decided to write about post-pandemic mental issues. As millennials, the team knows that COVID-19 is not just a physical pandemic. “It looms in everyone’s minds, because of the chain reaction affecting lives around the world,” says Dorelene.

In support of mental health, COVID Diaries: Millennial Edition has prepared short clips and advertisements that acknowledge depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder as possible mental effects after the ECQ. The campaign encourages people to voice out and be more open about mental health, break the stigma, and know that there will come a time when they will heal. This campaign has given courage and hope to a lot of viewers to share their experiences and thoughts on mental health. It includes celebrities and influencers, as well.

Core Team

To balance the dark side, COVID Diaries: Millennial Edition also created a special segment called #JustChill where brand ambassadors entertain you with songs, memes, TikTok videos, baking, fitness, and learning sessions on productivity, hosting, music arrangement, and more!

COVID Diaries: Millennial Edition is the brainchild of entrepreneur, educator, host and author, Dorelene V. Dimaunahan along with her partners Migs Guevara, Diane Mendoza and Lorraine Yu from De La Salle Univeristy, as well as Ricci Tagle and Christopher Go from Ateneo De Manila University. Today, the team has grown in number and they have also collaborated with various groups in their quest to continue this advocacy.

Growing Team

Find out more about the campaign below.

COVID Diaries: Millennial Edition

Website: https://coviddiariesph.wixsite.com.mysite

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/COVIDdiariesph

Instagram: @coviddiariesph

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