COVID-19 Survivor Shares Story About Battling the Virus

Patient #4  was just a number to all of us. Another case, another nameless patient.

Since the outbreak, daily reports were released with just case numbers as their names but how do we humanize this story? How will people truly understand the situation if they don’t know who these people are? How are we affected if we don’t know them? Because, to be honest, people will ultimately care, only if they know who these people are. Once they know their suffering and once they know they also had families who are fighting the battle with them.

Now, Patient #4 recovered and he is sharing his experience about battling with COVID-19.

In a Facebook Post, Carlo Llanes Navarro revealed that he was Patient #4.

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Carlo, the first Filipino to be confirmed with COVID-19 following the three Chinese nationals.

Unlike the first three cases, Carlo didn’t travel to or from Wuhan but had a travel history to Japan prior to getting the symptoms.

Though he was not sure where he exactly picked up the virus, he had his suspicions and 7 days later, he experienced chills and low-grade a fever of 37.7

On March 3, he went to St. Luke’s hospital but was not immediately tested because his symptoms were mild and his travel history was not a COVID-19 hotspot. He then insisted to be tested.

Two days after, Carlo no longer had a fever but had muscle pains and cough. Later that day, he received a call from the DOH and was immediately fetched by an ambulance to the RITM. His household was then tested and all came back negative.

He shares that the physical pain was not the worst part but the psychological pain. He also shared what he had learned that can be useful to everyone.

“I realized that ignorance and inaction will cause the virus to spread faster. That should anyone experience ANY symptoms, they should stay home and limit contact with others. They should NOT shrug-off any symptoms and downplay them. This community quarantine is something we need to protect the people that we love.”

He also said that everyone should get tested and if you feel like you are sick, you should quarantine to protect the elderly and all the members of the family.

“In the two weeks I was in a hospital, I learned that there were many people who cannot afford a lockdown. They do not have food to survive! Our society has not given the proper dignity to our labor – depressed wages, poor working conditions. I immediately took care of this when I was discharged from the hospital! I made sure that all the hands that feed us and help us will be financially capable to handle issues like this in the future!”

He also shared an emotional bit where he told of the great love a family could have especially in challenging times like this. And how prayers could help if we are to believe.

At the end of his post, he thanked everyone who prayed and cared for him.

“Today, I am thankful for the prayers and well wishes of friends and family! I may not have responded to you at my darkest hours, but I will remember and will be forever grateful for you.”